1984 Manjimup 15000 International Motocross

1984 Manjimup 15000 International Motocross

1984 Manjimup 15000 National Motocross

1984 Manjmup 15000 winner Jeff Leisk in action at Cosy Creek Manjimup - By Peter Kitchingman
1986 Jeff Leisk USA Honda - Portrait
1984 Mick Wimmer - John Steyntjes, Joe Grasso - Peter Williams race start at Cosy Creek, Manjimup

Photos: [Left] WA rider Jeff Leisk returned home after racing in the British 250cc Motocross Grand Prix and World Masters Super Cross to dominate the 1984 Manjimup 15000 National motocross at Cosy Creek, Manjimup; [Top right] Leisk won the $3,000 overall prize purse and a TAA flight; and [Bottom Right] The two Yamaha EML sidecarcross teams Joe Grasso – Peter Williams & Mick Wimmer – John Steyntjes battled it out for victory in this class (By Peter Kitchingman)

Local hero Leisk dominates 1984 Manjimup 15000

On 3 June 1984, local hero Jeff Leisk dominated the famous Manjimup 15000 at Manjimup in the south west of Western Australia.

Run over three-12 lap races at the Cosy Creek Circuit, 19-year-old Leisk put in a faultless performance to convincingly win all races to be the overall points winner on his Honda CR500 machine.

Following on from his earlier Mr. Motocross round win at Broadford (VIC) the month before, Leisk took out the third Manjimup 15000 in front of 6,000 spectators ahead of American expatriate Marty Moates (2-2-2, USA, Suzuki) and his Honda team mate Vaughan Style (3-3-3, NSW). The previous two winners were Roger Harvey (GB) and Darryl Willoughby (SA).

In the first moto, Trevor Flood Racing’s Stuart Bennett won the holeshot ahead of Style and Leisk to lead after lap one. But Leisk eventually grabbed the lead and by lap 3 was well clear of Style and Moates who were in close company for a number of laps with the American pulling away towards the end, but a fair way back from Leisk.

Leisk won the second moto from start to finish, opening up a 200m lead over Moates by lap 4, with Style again in third. And when he was crossing the finish line at the top of probably Australia’s longest and fastest main straights – good for over 100 kph – Leisk was 500m ahead of Moates, with Style finishing in third ahead of Glen Bell (NSW, Yamaha) and Trevor Williams (VIC, Kawasaki).

In Moto 3, Leisk again had an easy win taking the chequered flag while doing a one-handed wheels stand. This time, however, Moates was only 15 seconds behind in second. Style, Williams and Stuart Bennett rounded out the top 5.

WA Premier Brian Burke presented the $3,000 prizemoney to Jeff Leisk and free TAA airline ticket to any state , which came in handy as he had just returned from competing in the Chelsea International Supercross in London and British Grand Prix in Newberry on 20 May 1984.

1984 Marty Moates - By Peter Kitchingman
Australian Motocross Champion Vaughan Style

Photos: American expatriate Marty Moates (Suzuki) and NSW rider Vaughan Style (Honda) finished 2-3 on the podium behind Leisky  (By Peter Kitchingman)

Yamaha EML Teams go 1-2 in Manjimup sidecarcross

1984 Joe Grasso - Peter Williams Manjimup winners - Yamaha EML - By Peter Kitchingman
Sidecar teams at Noble Falls circuit - Grasso, Wimmer and Fanderlindens - By Peter Kitchingman

Photos:  Manjimup sidecarcross winners Joe-Grasso-Peter Williams in action at Cosy Creek and with the other podium placegetters – Mick Wimmer-John Steyntjes (2nd) and  Wayne-Dean Fanderlinden, pictured  at Noble Falls (By Peter Kitchingman)

The long, wide and fast Cosy Creek circuit really suited the sidecars with unlimited sized engines.
The two Yamaha EML teams finished 1-2 with two-times State Sidecarcross Champions Joe Grasso – Peter Williams winning both motos ahead of reigning State Champions Mick Wimmer – John Steyntjes.

Grasso-Williams won the start of the first moto ahead of Wimmer-Steyntjes, but the reigning state Champions passed them up Rock’n Roll straight to lead the opening two laps. 

With the two teams locked in battle for the lead way ahead of the field, Wimmer-Steyntjes stalled their Yamaha EML in the deep sand leaving Grasso-Willams to cruise to victory. Wimmer-Steyntjes recovered to finish second ahead of the Fanderlinden brothers, Wayne and Dean, on their 840cc Norton Wasp.  

Cliff Cook and Russell Kimber snapped the front end of their Yamaha Wasp outfit in moto 1 and took no further part in the day’s racing.

There was chaos at the start of moto 2 with Wimmer-Steyntjes and the Fanderlinden Brothers both stalling at the end of the main straight on top of the huge jump. Fortunately, the entire field avoided these teams, with Grasso-Williams able to quickly open up a commanding lead on the rest of the field and win from start to finish.

Wimmer-Steyntjes recovered, however, and stormed through the field and by half-way through the race had passed Danny Sawyer – Paul Foster (Yamaha Wasp) for second.  But in the dying stages of the race, Rod Walker – Mark Ewens (Yamaha 750cc Wasp) passed them to finish in third ahead of the Fanderlindens, who too recovered from their bad start. Both teams finishing equal third on the day with 3-4 finishes each.  

Collie team John McDermott and Tony Ecclestone (Kawasaki Wasp) were fifth overall.

1984 Manjimup 15000 National Motocross Results

1984 Manjimup 15000 Program Cover

1984 Manjimup 15000 National Motocross Spectacular Program Cover

Race 1

1. Jeff Leisk (WA, Honda)
2. Marty Moates (USA, Suzuki)
3. Vaughan Style (NSW, Honda)
4. Trevor Williams (VIC, Kawasaki)
5. Glen Bell (NSW, Yamaha)

Race 2
1. Jeff Leisk (WA, Honda)
2. Marty Moates (USA, Suzuki)
3. Vaughan Style (NSW, Honda)
4. Glen Bell (NSW, Yamaha)
5. Trevor Williams (VIC, Kawasaki)

Race 3
1. Jeff Leisk (WA, Honda)
2. Marty Moates (USA, Suzuki)
3. Vaughan Style (NSW, Honda)
4. Trevor Williams (VIC, Kawasaki)
5. Stuart Bennett (VIC, Suzuki)

Overall – Solos
1. Jeff Leisk (WA, Honda)
2. Marty Moates (USA, Suzuki)
3. Vaughan Style (NSW, Honda)
4. Trevor Williams (VIC, Kawasaki)
5. Glen Bell (NSW, Yamaha)
6. Stuart Bennett (VIC, Yamaha)
7. Rob Twyerould (SA, Yamaha)
8. Robert Scott (NSW, Honda)
9. Criag Dack (NSW, Yamaha)
10. Tony Fenton (WA, Yamaha)

Overall Sidecars

1. Joe Grasso – Peter Williams (Yamaha EML) 1-1
2. Mick Wimmer – John Steyntjes (Yamaha EML) 2-2
=3. Wayne and Dean Fanderlinden (Norton Wasp) 3-4
Rod Walker – Mark Ewens (Yamaha Wasp) 4-3
5. John McDermott – Tony Ecclestone (Kawasaki Wasp)


Video Gallery

1984 Manjimup 15000, Race 1 and Overall Results, won by Jeff Leisk

1984 Manjimup  Sidecarcross, won by Joe Grasso-Peter Williams

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