1992 Manjimup 15000 Dry run for Motocross des Nations

1992 Manjimup 15000 Dry run for Motocross des Nations

1992 Manjimup 15000 - Dry run for Motocross des Nations

1992 Manjimup 15000 winner Jason Marshall
1992 Manjimup 15000 - Ashkenazi goes down with other riders
1992 Manjimup 15000 - Ashkenazi rejoins the race

Photos:  [Above]  WA rider Dale Britton (2) wins the holeshot at the 1992 Manjmup 15000 ahead of Craig Dack (1). The race winner Jason Marshall (60 + insert) is on the far right next to Wayne Casey (22). Also visible is Steven Andrew (20), Ivan Safranek (18) and Kim Ashkenazi (52); [Top right] Marshall makes his move to the front, while Ashkenazi goes down with three other  riders; & [Bottom right] Ashkenazi rejoins the race, along with Ivan Safranek (18) (By Peter Kitchingman).

Jason Marshall's triple celebration at Manjimup

On Sunday, 31 May 1992, Western Australian rider Jason Marshall won the Manjimup 15000 motocross event, the opening round of the Australian 250cc Championship and locked his place in the Australian team for the coming 1992 Motocross des Nations.

With WA earning the rights to host the World Teams event in September, the Manjimup Motorcycle Club ran the Manjimup 15000 differently that year at the Cosy Creek Creek Circuit.  Every aspect of the event was a practice run for the coming Motocross des Nations – the circuit design, the racing format, administration, operations and facilities. Riders were also assessed at this meeting for representation in the Australian three-man team.

Local Kawasaki rider Jason Marshall cemented his spot as Australia’s 500cc MXdN rider after winning the Manjimup 15000 and opening round of the Australian 250cc Championship, which was a combined event. Marshall beat the country’s top 250cc riders, winning ahead of New South Wales riders – legend Glen Bell (Honda) and up and coming champion Kim Ashkenazi (Suzuki) in second and third, respectively. Victorian rider Troy Dorron (Suzuki) and Dale Britton (WA, Yamaha) rounded out the Top 5 placings.

Ashkenazi was the obvious choice for the Australian 125cc representative, winning the 125cc races ahead of local Dale Britton (Yamaha), Victorian Rodney Hamilton and Lee Hogan (Honda) – who grew up in Perth, but moved back to Victoria in 1986 to pursue his senior motocross career.  Ashkenazi, who was recovering from a broken leg, also convincingly went on to win all Australian Championships that year – in the 125, 250 and 500cc classes, justifying his selection. 

Both the 125 and 250cc classes at Manjimup were run over two 20 minute, plus one lap events, although the main races in September would be over 25 minutes plus two laps. 

With multiple Australian Motocross and Mr. MX Champion Craig Dack racing at Manjimup, but recovering from injury, another experienced MXdN campaigner Glen Bell looked like a shoe-in for the final 250cc spot in the Australian team. But Dale Britton was the final selection.

Britton, who was second and fifth, respectively in the 125/250cc races at Manjimup, was one of Australia’s fastest sand riders. He was vying with Ashkenazi for the Australian 250cc Championship that year and finished third at the end of the series. Also, along with Dack and Bell, he represented Australia at the 1991 MXdN’s in Valkensvaard, in the Netherlands, which was also a fast, sandy circuit like Cosy Creek.

1992 was the first year that the Australian Motocross Championships became a series – similar to the current format, with 1991 being the first year that different classes were staged at different circuits. Between 1953 and 1990, the Australian Championships were held over one weekend with all classes at the same venue.

1992 Manjimup 15000 Jason Marshall leads the 250cc race ahead of Glen Bell

Jason Marshall (60, WA, Kawasaki) leads the 250cc race ahead of Glen Bell (4, NSW, Honda)

1992 Manjimup 15000 - Dale Britton

Dale Britton (WA, Yamaha)

Results - Cosy Creek, Manjmup

1992 Round 1 Australian 125/250cc Championships


1 Kim Ashkenazi (NSW, Suzuki)
2 Dale Britton (WA, Yamaha)
3 Rodney Hamilton (VIC, Yamaha)


1 Jason Marshall (WA, Kawasaki)
2 Glen Bell (NSW, Honda)
3 Kim Ashkenazi (NSW, Suzuki)

Photo gallery

All photos by Peter Kitchingman

1992 Manjimup 15000 - 125cc start - Kim Ashkenazi (52)

Lee Hogan (40) wins the holeshot in the Australian 125cc Championship round race at Cosy Creek, ahead of Kim Askenazi (52), Stewart Morrison (47),  Brad Fabry (321)  and Jeffrey Binder (122)

The 125cc riders along Jim's Jump at the Cosy Creek Circuit

Rear shot of the 125cc riders along Jim’s Jump in the Australian 125cc Championship round race

1992 Manjimup 15000 - Kim Ashkenazi (52)

Kim Ashkenazi (52, NSW, Suzuki)

1992 Manjimup 15000 - Ben Perese (17) and Craig Dack (1)

Ben Perese (17) and Craig Dack (1) on the start line for the 250cc race

Flag marshall John Day

Flag marshall John Day in action

Past Manjimup 15000 winners

2019 Regan Duffy takes out Manjimup 15000 - Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine

Photo: In 2019, local rider Regan Duffy became the youngest Manjimup 15000 winner at just 16 years of age –  pictured here with Kirk Gibbs (2nd, left) and Kyle Webster (3rd, right) (Courtesy: Australasian Dirt Bike and photographer Jack Foley)

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