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About AMXhistory author John Steyntjes

About AMXhistory author John Steyntjes

Western Australian John Steyntjes first started racing motocross sidecars in 1980, competing in every Australian Championship across the country through to 1989.

While racing, he was active promoting sidecarcross at both State and National level. Towards the end of his racing career, he became Chairman of Motorcycling WA’s Motocross Committee and was also on the National Motcross committee.

To help all Australian riders become more competitive, John tried to introduce learnings from racing sidecarcross in Europe and became an advocate for introducing the World Grand Prix race format at State and National level. This included the use of 30 second starting boards and allocation of racing numbers based on the previous year’s championships.

In the early 90’s, after starting a family and retiring from the sport, he was the promoter for the WA State Motocross series and a member of the marketing committee for the first ever World Motocross Nations in Australia at Manjimup, Western Australia in 1992.

He also published the souvenir programs for that event and the 1993 World 125cc Grand Prix, also at Manjimup, and the Western Australian State Motocross Championship series in the 90s.

Having two daughters in the 1990s, John gradually drifted from the sport, but reconnected with motocross during the 2020 worldwide Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. 

Realising that the governing Motorcycle bodies in Australia had not been maintaining or publishing the Australian and State Motocross Champion lists, he set up the AMX History website to recreate these lists with the help of past riders and fans.

Legendary Australian motocross photographer Peter Kitchingman encouraged him and contributed his photos and John’s cousin Wayne Fanderlinden – former State Sidecarcross Champion – contributed a collection of motocross programs and newspaper clippings to get things started.  Peter also put him in touch with motocross historian Rosco Holden, administrator for the Mr. MX Stars and Legends Facebook Group.

AMX History started off as a potential retirement project and hobby. But it soon became clear that people were craving for this past information with the site attracting up to 35,000 visitors a month.

John works full time, but now spends many hours a week researching motocross history, interviewing riders, sharing great stories, maintaining this website, plus making documentaries to preserve Australian motocross history for enthusiasts.  Your stories, photos and results are invited.

AMXHistory website author John Steyntjes

AMXH Author - John Steyntjes

AMXHistory website author John Steyntjes

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“In 1992 - the year the Motocross of Nations was held in Western Australia - Motorcycling WA awarded John the prestigious Castrol Award for his contribution to motorcycling.”

1986 Oubenice - Cliff and John with Terry Good and Andrea Husser
Racing in France - Team Cook-Steyntjes competed in 13 events across Europe in 1986, including Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Czechoslavakia.
1987 Runner-up Australian Junior Sidecar Champions Cliff Cook and John Steyntjes

John Steyntjes [Far right] at the Czechoslavakian International with Cliff Cook, British Champion Terry Good and multiple World Champion Andreas Husser.

Racing in France – Team Cook-Steyntjes competed in 13 events across Europe in 1986, including Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Czechoslavakia.

Cliff Cook and John Steyntjes at the 1987 Australian Championships in Smithton Tasmania. The pair won the first leg of the 500cc CS and placed second overall.

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