Australian Motocross History

About AMXhistory website

About AMXhistory website

This webpage has been established to preserve the history of  Australian Motocross.

Its aim is to honour and recognise past champions, placegetters and all riders who competed in the Australian Motocross Championships.

Many riders dedicated their lives to the sport over the years, travelling thousands of kilometers – striving for success and the right to be crowned the Nation’s (or State’s) Number One rider.

The Australian Motocross History webpage features the All Time Greats and includes results dating back to the first official Australian Championships in 1953.

We now have a complete list of all the winners, but there are still some gaps in the placings (particularly with the Western Australian History), so let’s strive to up-date this information together.

You’re also invited to contribute content to this site for current and past riders and motocross enthusiasts to enjoy.

Send in your photos, videos or results via email to: 

From Scrambling to Motocross - 1946 Harley Scramble – Les Clinton (56) and Rube Muralls (56)

Photo: From Scrambling to Motocross – Les Clinton (55) winner of the 1946 Harley Scramble with Rube Muralls (56).  This is the oldest motocross photo on this website.  The Harley Scramble was the first established motocross (scramble) event in Australia – running from 1928 to 1963 at the Rope Works circuit in Mosman Park, on the outskirts of Perth.

AMXH Author - John Steyntjes

AMX History Author John Steyntjes

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The story behind the AMXhistory website

During the middle of 2020 when the world was in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, people started reaching out to each other and connecting with past friends and acquaintances.

Having raced motocross for ten years between 1980 and 1990 in Western Australia, across Australia and in Europe, John Steyntjes started connecting with his past motocross friends and acquaintances.

It soon became apparent that the governing bodies were not maintaining or publishing the Australian and State Championship results and past riders were crying out for this information.

Following conversations with legendary Australian motocross photographer Peter Kitchingman and John’s cousin former State Sidecarcross champion Wayne Fanderlinden, John started the Australian Motocross History website.

Wayne had large collections of motocross photos and newspaper articles and Peter offered to contribute his motocross photos to the site.  

Peter also put John in touch with motorbike historian Rosco Holden, who manages the Australian Mr Motocross Legends and Stars Facebook social media group, which also aims to preserve Australian motocross stories, photos and videos.

The website started off as a potential retirement project and hobby.  

But it soon became clear that people were craving for this past information now with the site attracting up to 30,000 visitors a month.

So even though John still works full time, he now puts in considerable hours researching motocross history, sharing great stories and memories, plus making motocross video documentaries.

It’s success is due to the contribution of readers.  Thanks to your help, we now have a complete list of all the Australian Motocross Champions dating back to the very first National Championships in Victoria in 1953.

Photographer, Peter Kitchingman

Peter Kitchingman, Photographer

Wayne Fanderlinden

Wayne Fanderlinden, Sidecar champion

Rosco Holden - Motocross historian

Rosco Holden (left), Motocross historian

Motocross documentaries produced

Western Motocross Classic, Western Australian 1980s
Tim Gibbes Motocross Story
Charlie West Motocross story

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