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AMX History acknowledgements

AMX History acknowledgements

Photographer, Peter Kitchingman

Motocross Photographer Peter Kitchingman

Wayne Fanderlinden - Headshot - Landscape

Sidecarcross Champion Wayne Fanderlinden

Rosco Holden - Motocross historian

Motocross historian Rosco Holden and administrator for Mr MX Legends and Stars Facebook Group

The AMX History website was established during the middle of 2020 when the world was in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During this period people started reaching out to each other and connecting with past friends and acquaintances, including the close-knit motocross community.

Identifying that the sport’s governing bodies in Australia were not maintaining or publishing the Australian and State Championship results, the idea was born to create a website to publish this information.

The site is now very popular – reaching up to 30,000 views in a month.

Motocross photographer Peter Kitchingman encouraged me to set up the site and offered to make his collection of photographs available.

My cousin, and former State Sidecarcross champion, Wayne Fanderlinden provided a big collection of programs, newspaper articles and photos to get the ball rolling.

And Peter put me in touch with motorbike historian Rosco Holden, who manages the Australian Mr Motocross Legends and Stars Facebook social media group, which also aims to preserve Australian motocross stories, photos and videos.

Since then, thanks to your help, we now have a complete list of all the Australian Motocross Champions and will aim to start building the State Championship results, which is a big job.

Below is also a summary of people and past riders (in alphabetical order) who have made significant contributions of photo’s, stories and videos.

John Steyntjes, AMX History author

AMXH Author - John Steyntjes

AMXHistory website author John Steyntjes

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Rod Gilchrist

A big thanks to painter and designer Rod Gilchrist who kindly designed the new AMX History website logo.


Other acknowledgements

In alphabetic order
Pt8 George Bailey motocross video - Son Robin restores the famous Matchless
1986 Oubenice - Cliff and John with Terry Good and Andrea Husser
King of the Cross - Bob Couzens and Con Migro
Stephen Gall Supercross 1983

Bailey, Robin (rider)

Cook, Cliff (third from left)

Cook, Colin

Couzens, Bob (left)

Gall, Stephen

1963 British Scramble - Charlie West (R) with Tim Gibbes NZ
Bill and John McDermott WA
John Robinson - Adrian Rohrlach (SA) duels with Trevor Anthony - Brian Anthony (VIC) at the 2012 Australian Sidecar Championships
Darren Smart (left) Motorcycling Journalist with Darryl King Connondale

Gibbes, Tim (left)

McDermott, John (left)

Robinson, John (rider)

Smart, Darren (Left, journalist and rider)

1977 Australian Motocross Championships at Acusa Park - 500cc winners - Graeme Smythe (centre), Dave Fullston (left) and Jack Pengelly
Bill Watson with son Brian at a VMX meeting
AMXH All time greats No 7 - Charlie West

Smythe, Graeme (centre)

Watsons, Bill and Brian

West, Charlie


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