Australia Supercross History – National Supercross Championships – Chapter 3

Australia Supercross History – National Supercross Championships – Chapter 3

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Australian Supercross Championships

2012 Australian Supercross Championship Newcastle - Craig Anderson's final ride, with Chad Reed and Lee Hogan - By Col Nelson
2019 Justin Brayton Penrite Honda - Round 4 Australian-Supercross-Championship, Auckland 2019 11 16 - By ADB

Photos: [left]  Four-times Australian Supercross Champion Craig Anderson’s final ride in 2012  – at home in Newcastle (NSW), with cousin Chad Reed and Lee Hogan – By Col Nelson; and [right]  Reigning and five-times Australian Supercross Championship Justin Braydon (USA) in action in Auckland 2019 – By ADB

Craig Dack crowned Australia's first official National Supercross Champion

The inaugural Australian Supercross Championship sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia was first held in 1990 with New South Wales rider – four-times Mr Motocross and five-times Australian Champion Craig Dack crowned our very first official National 250cc Supercross Champion aboard a Honda.  Kaswasaki rider, American expatriate Eddie Warren won the 125cc class.

Following the success of the Supercross Masters series the previous year, the sport’s governing body launched the first official Australian Supercross Championship series holding rounds in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Earlier during the 1980’s, Moto Promotions NSW ran a National Supercross Championship with Jeff Leisk winning the first two events in 1984 and 1985 and Stephen Gall the inaugural series in 1986.  US riders Gordon Ward (1987) and Eddie Warren (1988-89) won the remaining three series before Motorcycling Australia took control.

To run the new national supercross series in 1990, well-known east coast supercross promoter John Fenton, from Motocross Promotions in Queensland, set up a new consortium – Empire Promotions Australia. That was the same year he leased the name Mister Motocross from Vincent Tesoriero to resurrect that series.

Where the 1990 Mr. Motocross series was its final swansong, Empire Promotions Australia, would run the National Supercross Series for its first three years, with Motorcycling Australia awarding the Supercross Masters National Championship status in 1993.

1990 Craig Dack - Inaugural Australian Supercross Champion

In 1990, Marlboro Yamaha Rider Craig Dack (pictured with his mechanic) won both the Mr. Motocross and inaugural Australian Supercross Championship series

Supercross Masters gets National Championship status

Four-times Australian Supercross Champion, Peter Melton 1992 to 1996
1996 Craig Anderson KTM racing team

When the Supercross Masters series acquired National Championship status in 1993, both the Masters Australian Supercross Championships were run as two separate series. Some years, the Masters series would be conducted up to eight rounds across the country with only selected rounds being nominated for Australian Supercross Championship points.

Although the Supercross Masters continued to host Australian Supercross Championship rounds from 1993 through to its last event on 2007, the format of the national supercross rounds varied each year, with various promoters hosting individual rounds.

Queensland rider Peter Melton became the first rider to win two Australian Supercross Championships, winning in 1992 and 1994, then becoming the first to win three in 1996, along with the Supercross Masters.

In 2002, New South Wales rider Craig Anderson became the first rider to win back-to-back Australian Supercross Championships and join Melton with three National supercross titles.

Then in 2004, Queenslander Troy Carroll became the second rider to  win back-to-back Australian Supercross titles in 2003 and 2004, with Daniel Reardon winning successive titles in 2006 and 2007.

Photos: [Top] 1992 and 1994 Australian Supercross Champion, Peter Melton (QLD, Kawasaki); and [Bottom] In 2002, New South Wales rider Craig Anderson became the first rider to win three Australian Supercross Championships (1998, 1999 and 2002)

Andrew McFarlane racing Supercross in AMA
2012 Australian Supercross Championships - Round 1 Dubbo - No 1 Jay Marmont reigning champion - By (Jason Rankmore
Two-times Australian 250cc Supercross Champion Troy Carroll
Multiple Australian Motocross and Supercross Champion Daniel Reardon

Photos: [left] The late Andrew McFarlane won an Australian Supercross title in 2000 before forging an international racing career; [centre] In 2012 Jay Marmont won his fourth Australian Supercross title (By Jason Rankmore);  and [right] Dual Australian Supercross champions Troy Carroll and Daniel Reardon

Super-X arrives, taking on the National Championships

In 2008, the Super-X series arrived down under and this brand new national series also, assumed national supercross status, with the Super-X Australasian Supercross Champion also becoming the Australian champion.

Cashing in on his success as Australia’s first Supercross World and AMA Champion, Chad Reed was part of the Super-X consortium and also competed in the series, winning the first two in 2008 and 2009.

Reed created history in 2009, becoming the first rider to win four Australian Supercross Championships.

American Josh Hansen won the 2010 Super-X series, with New South Wales rider Jay Marmont winning the final series in 2011, in what would be its final year, with Reed withdrawing support the year before and no longer competing in it.

Photo: Chad Reed in action at the  2008 Australasian Super X Championships at Perth Motorplex, Kwinana (By Lincoln Baker, The Sunday Times

2008 Chad Reed in action at the Australasian Super X Championships at Perth Motorplex, Kwinana. Picture - The Sunday Times, Lincoln Baker
2011 Monster Energy Australasian Supercross Championship Round 3 from Campbelltown Stadium, NSW, Australia. Pro Open podium - L-R, Lawson Bopping, Jay Marmont, Tye Simmonds (By Action Plus Sports)
2008 Australasian Supercross Super X Series photo fetauring Chad Reed

Photos:  [Left]  2011 Australasian Supercross Championship Round 3 from Campbelltown Stadium (NSW) Pro Open podium – Lawson Bopping (2), Jay Marmont (1) and Tye Simmonds(3) (By Action Plus Sports); and [right]  Chad Reed wins the holeshot during the 2008 Australasian Supercross Super X Series.

Australian National Supercross titles go back to grass roots

When Super-X folded after four years, Motorcycling Australia again assumed control of the national supercross series, with championships running similar to today.

Jay Marmont won back-to-back Australian Supercross Championships in 2012, taking his tally to 3.  In 2015, Daniel Reardon joined him on this mark.

Reed’s record haul of four Australian Supercross Championships looked like it would never be beaten, but American Justin Brayton broke this – winning five consecutive titles between 2016 and 2022, despite the 2020 and 2021 championships not being held to to the covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions.

Five-times Australian Open and Lite Supercross Champion Matt Mossi - Round 1 Dubbo (Jason Rankmore)
2016 Jay Marmont made a comeback to Supercross with Husqvarna - ADB
Justin Brayton - Five-times Australian Supercross Champion

Photos: [left]  Five-times Australian Open and Lite Supercross Champion Matt Moss at Round 1 of the 2012 Australian Supercross Championships in Dubbo (NSW) (By Jason Rankmore);  [Centre]  In 2016,  three-times Australian Supercross Champion Jay Marmont made a comeback to racing  with Husqvarna (By courtesy ADB); and [right] Justin Brayton – five-times Australian Supercross Champion.

Australian Supercross Championship Video Gallery

1993 Australian Supercross Masters Final – Won by Troy Dorron and Glen Bell the series – Egg449

2000 Supercross Masters Final, won by Andrew McFarlane (QLD, Kawasaki) – Egg449

2001 Supercross Masters Final, won by Craig Anderson – Egg449

1988 Supercross Masters Final , won by Jim Holly (USA) – Matt Preacher

2017 Australian Supercross Final – Series won by Justin Brayden (USA) – Jimboomba X Stadium

Australian Supercross History ChapterS

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