Australian Motocross Championship List 500cc

Australian Motocross Championship List 500cc

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Australian Motocross Championship List 500cc Class

Trevor Williams - Headshot
Trevor Williams Team Kawasaki
Glen Bell 125cc Motocross des Nations with Trevor Williams

Victorian rider Trevor Williams won three Australian 500cc Motocross titles in 1980, ’83 &  ’85 and throughout the history of this class scored more podiums and points than any other rider, all  on Kawasaki’s.

Most pictures on this page kindly supplied by photographer Peter Kitchingman

The most successful 500cc racers in the history of the Australian Motocross Championships

1953 to 2000

Back in 2011, Dirt Bike Action magazine ran a feature story titled Home-grown heroes. 

It took a look at the history of Australian Motocross and published a list of the most successful racers in the history of the Australian Championships.

The system
The following points system was used to generate the Top 20 list.  

The top three overall results in each class for each year of each championship were counted – allocating:

  • three points for the win
  • two for second and
  • one for third.

Thanks to your support, we now have a complete list of all Australian Motocross Champions and have updated the Most Successful Racer’s List from the very first Australian Championship in 1953 up to today


Although all winners in the 500cc class are now known and published, there are still some holes in the minor results for this class.   

So these results are based on the information we have to date.  

If you can fill in any gaps in the placings, email now and we’ll adjust the scores. 

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Top 20
Most successful 500cc racers

Trevor Williams Kawasaki

Trevor  Williams won three 500cc Australian Championships and was the Nation’s most successful racer in this class.

Trevor Williams (VIC)
16 points

Ray Fisher (VIC)
14 points

Glen Bell (NSW)
12 points

Craig Dack (NSW)
10 points

Gary Flood (VIC) 
8 points

Equal 6th
Charlie West (WA) 
Pelle Granquist (Sweden)
Jeff Leisk (WA)
Kim Ashkenazi (NSW)
Lee Hogan (VIC)
Peter Melton (QLD)
Trevor Flood (VIC)
6 points

Equal 13th
David Basham (SA)
Graeme Smythe (WA)
Jamie Cunningham (NSW)
Jimmy Ellis (USA)
5 points

Equal 17th
Anthony Gunter (NSW)
Eddie Warren (USA)
Ian Cunningham (NSW)
John Mapperson (VIC)
Les Fisher (NSW)
Steve Cramer (VIC)
4 points

Australian Motocross Champion Ray Fisher

Ray Fisher (VIC) finished second overall in the 500cc class and won four Australian  Motocross Championships (1959, 1965, 1966, 1967)

Australian Motocross Champion Glen Bell

New South Wales rider Glen Bell was the third highest points scorer in the 500cc class, winning two Australian 500cc Championships

Australian Motocross Champion Craig Dack

The “Dack Attack”  Craig Dack  won successive Australian 500cc Championships in 1986 and 1987 and was fourth overall in the points

Riders to win the most 500cc Championships

Ray Fisher (VIC)  4
Trevor Williams (VIC) 3
Glen Bell (NSW) 2
Craig Dack (NSW) 2
Gary Flood (VIC) 2
Jeff Leisk (WA) 2
Kim Ashkenazi (NSW) 2
Pelle Granquist (Sweden) 2
Peter Melton (QLD) 2
Trevor Flood (VIC) 2

Riders to win successive 500cc Championships

Ray Fisher  1965-66-67
Trevor Flood  1972-73
Pelle Granquist 1978-79
Craig Dack 1986-87
Glen Bell  1990-91
Kim Ashkenazi 1992-93
Peter Melton 1999-2000

Gary Flood - four-times Australian Champion in Tasmania in 1969

Gary Flood (VIC) finished  fifth  overall in the 500cc Australian Motocross Championships, winning  this class in 1969 and 1974

Trevor Flood won successive 500cc Australian Championships

Victorian rider Trevor Flood joined his brother Gary with two 500cc Australian Championships, winning successive titles in 1972 and 1973

Two-time Western Motocross Classic winner Jeff Leisk at Noble Falls

Jeff Leisk (WA) won two Australian 500cc Championships  six years apart in Queensland – 1982 in Toowooma and 1988 in Mackay

Australian 500cc
Motocross Champions

AMXH Australian Motocross Champions List - 500cc Class - Pelle Granquist

Swedish rider Pelle Granquist won successive 500cc (and 250cc) Australian Championships at the 1978 and 1979 events at Broadford (VIC) and Wanneroo (WA). Photo by: Peter Kitchingman

1954  Charlie May (VIC)
1955  Ron Edwards (WA)
1956  George Bailey (VIC)
1957  Class not held
1958  Jim Silvy (SA)
1959  Ray Fisher (VIC)
1960  Ken Rumble (VIC)
1961  Les Fisher (NSW)
1962  Alan Nicol (WA)
1963  Bob O’Leary (WA)
1964  Geoff Taylor (VIC)
1965  Ray Fisher (VIC)
1966  Ray Fisher (VIC)
1967  Ray Fisher (VIC)
1968  David Basham (SA)
1969  Gary Flood (VIC)

1970 Michael Groom (SA)
1971  Ivan Miller (NZ)
1972  Trevor Flood (VIC)
1973  Trevor Flood (VIC)
1974  Gary Flood (VIC)
1975  Steve Cramer (VIC)
1976  Geoff Worrell (NSW)
1977  Graeme Smythe (WA)
1978  Pelle Granquist (Sweden)
1979  Pelle Granquist (Sweden)
1980  Trevor Williams (VIC)
1981  Anthony Gunter (NSW)
1982  Jeff Leisk (WA)
1983  Trevor Williams (VIC)
1984  Jimmy Ellis (USA)
1985  Trevor Williams (VIC)

1986 Craig Dack (NSW)
1987 Craig Dack (NSW)
1988  Jeff Leisk (WA)
1989  Eddie Warren (USA)
1990  Glen Bell (NSW)
1991  Glen Bell (NSW)
1992  Kim Ashkenazi (NSW)
1993  Kim Ashkenazi (NSW)
1994  Lee Hogan (VIC)
1995  Steven Andrew (VIC)
1996  Shane Watts (VIC)
1997  Ian Cunningham (NSW)
1998  Jamie Cunningham (NSW)
1999  Peter Melton (QLD)
2000  Peter Melton (QLD)

Australian 500cc

1971 – 500cc Australian Championship Clarendon, South Australia

1978 – 500cc Australian Championship Broadford, Victoria

1981 – 500cc Australian Championship  Symmons Plains, Tasmania

1982 -125cc Australian Championship  Echo Valley, Toowoomba, Queensland

1985 – Australian Motocross Championships TV special – Noble Falls, WA

The most successful 500cc racers
(by State)

Jeff Leisk - Runner up World 500cc Motocross Champion

Jeff Leisk was WA’s equal highest overall point scorer in the 500cc class (with Charlie West), winning a Championship in this class at Toowoomba (QLD) in 1982 at just 17 years of age. 

1. Trevor Williams, 16 points
2. Ray Fisher, 14
3. Gary Flood, 8

1. Glen Bell, 12
2. Craig Dack, 10
3. Kim Ashkenazi, 6

1. Jeff Leisk, 6
2. Charlie West, 6
3. Graeme Smythe, 5

1. Peter Melton, 6
2. James Deakin, 3
3. Andrew Bailey, 2
    Clarry Stewart, 2

1. David Basham, 5
2. Jim Silvy, 3
3. Michael Groom, 3

1. H. Morice, 1

500cc Homegrown Hero stories

500cc Timeline


Victorian rider Ken Rumble win the first 500cc title at the inaugural Australian Motocross Championships at Korweinguboora in Daylesford, Victoria. 


Victorian rider Ray Fisher wins his first championship in the 500cc class on a B.S.A. machine at Royal Park, Adelaide.


B.S.A.’s last 500cc win with Alan Nicol (WA) winning this Championship at the Rope Works circuit in Mosman Park, Perth in Western Australia.


Ray Fisher wins his third 500cc Championship in succession at the Mt. Kembla circuit in Woolongong, New South Wales.


Gary Flood win’s his first championship at the St. Leonards Circuit in Devonport (Tasmania) to become the first rider to win all classes on the day – 125cc, 250cc and 500cc.


The touring International riders arrived in Australia early for the Australian Championships at Clarendon (SA) with Ivan Miller (NZ) winning the 500cc and Unlimited classes.


Husqvarna’s first championship win with Michael Groom (SA) at Tivoli Park, Ipswich in Queensland.


Yamaha’s first championship win with Trevor Flood at Foster Park, Mulbring in New South Wales. Flood also wins successive 500cc championships.


Victorian Maico rider  Jack Pengelly was the Australian Champion for a week, after Trevor Flood was disqualified for changing engines in between motos.  This decision was later reversed.


Victoria rider Steve Cramer (Yamaha) is the only Australian to win a championship with the 500cc class the only one not contested by World Champion Gaston Rahier.


Suzuki’s first win in the premier 500cc class with Geoff Worrell winning at Tivoli, Ipswich in Queensland.  World Champion Gaston Rahier didn’t contest this class in 1975.


Swedish rider Pelle Granquist wins successive 500cc Championships – winning this class at Wanneroo in Western Australia. He also repeated this feat in the 250s.


Kawasaki’s first win in the 500cc Championship with Trevor Williams winning his first Australian title at Dargle in New South Wales.


Jeff Leisk wins the premier 500cc machine on a Yamaha at Echo Valley, Toowoomba in Queensland at just 17 years of age.


Honda’s first win in the 500cc Championship with Craig Dack winning both the 250cc and 500cc classes at Barleigh Ranch, Newcastle in New South Wales


Craig Dack wins successive 500cc Championships – winning this class at Smithton in Tasmania.


Jeff Leisk returns from Europe to win all three classes at Mackay in Queensland – 125cc, 250cc and 500cc.


The first time the Australian Championships were contested at separate events – 500cc at Kalgoorlie and 125/250cc classes at Noble Falls (WA) the following week.


Glen Bell wins successive 500cc Championships – winning this class at Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.


A multi-round championship across several states is introduced with Kim Ashkenazi doing it in style winning all three classes. 


Suzuki rider Kim Ashkenazi from New South Wales wins successive 500cc Championships.


Peter Melton (QLD) wins successive 500cc Championships on a Kawasaki.  This victory sees Kawasaki tie with Yamaha for the lead on the Manufacturers Championship – Melton’s earlier team.


A new format and new Pro Open class is introduced with championships only held for the Pro Open and 125cc Classes.  Daryll King (NZ) was the inaugural Pro Open winner.


Three-times Australian Champion Peter “Reggie” Melton from Queensland lost his life on 1 November while riding on a local motocross track in Queensland.

More Australian Championship results and photos

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Number of 500cc Championship wins by manufacturer

Peter Melton's Australian Championship bike at the AMX store at Springwood in Queensland

1.  Kawasaki 10 wins
     Yamaha, 10
3.  Husqvarna, 6
4.  Honda, 5

Photo: The late Peter Melton’s successive 500cc Australian Championships in 1999 and 2000 on a Kawasaki escalated Kawasaki  to equal top of the leaderboard – ironically with his old  team Yamaha  – with both finishing on 10 wins

Other Australian Champions (by class)

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