Australian Motocross Championship List MX1

Australian Motocross Championship List MX1

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Australian Motocross Championship List MX1 Class

2023 Penrite ProMX MX1 Motocross Champion Dean Ferris - Foremost Media
2022 Penrite AMX Pro Championship Coolum - Australian MX1 Champion Aaron Tanti
2021 Round 3 - Luke Clout wins the round and takes the series lead - Large

Photos; [Left]  2023 Penrite ProMX MX1 Motocross Champion Dean Ferris  (Foremost Media);  [Top right} 2022 Champion Aaron Tanti; and [Bottom right] 2021 Champion Luke Clout (NSW, CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team) – By Karl Phillipson/Optikal.

The most successful MX1 racers in the history of the Australian Motocross Championships

2001 to 2021

Back in 2011, Dirt Bike Action magazine ran a feature story titled Home-grown heroes. 

It took a look at the history of Australian Motocross and published a list of the most successful racers in the history of the Australian Championships.

The system
The following points system was used to generate the Top 10 list for the MX1 class.  

The top three overall results in each class for each year of each championship were counted – allocating:

  • three points for the win
  • two for second and
  • one for third.

The Australian motocross classes were completely revamped at the turn of the century when the breakthrough lightweight 4-stroke machines started dominating the sport.

Australia introduced the MX1 Class in 2001 – for 250cc two-strokes to 450cc four-strokes – with the new powerful four-stroke technology and environmentally-friendlier engines driving the change.

The MX1 class, which is open to riders of any age, replaced the 250cc class in Australia and went on to become the premier class across the world, taking over from the 500s, with the FIM switching over to the new MX1, MX2 and MX3 classes for the 2004 World Motocross Championship season.

Thanks to your support, we now have a complete list of all Australian Motocross Champions and have updated the Most Successful Racer’s List from the very first Australian Championship in 1953 up to today


Although all winners and place-getters are known for the MX1 class, there are still some holes in the minor results for other classes between 1988 to 1996.   

So these other results are based on the information we have to date.  

If you can fill in any gaps in the placings, email now and we’ll adjust the scores. 

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Top 10
Most successful MX1 racers

Australia's greatest MX1 racers - Jay Marmont (NSW) and Darryl King (NZ)

Jay Marmont (NSW) and Daryll King (NZ – insert) scored the most points in the Australian MX1 Championship (Photos Peter Coward / Peter Kitchingman)

Equal 1st
Jay Marmont (NSW)
Darryl King (NZ)
13 points

Dean Ferris (NSW)
12 points

Todd Waters (QLD)
10 points

Equal 5th
Craig Anderson (NSW)
Luke Clout (NSW)
9 points

Equal 7th
Daryl Hurley (NZ)
Kirk Gibbs (SA)
7 points

Equal 9th
Shayne King (NZ)
Matt Moss (NSW)
6 points

Penrite Oils advertisement
Craig Anderson Australian Motocross Champion

New South Wales rider Craig Anderson – 2002 Australian Motocross Champion

Matt Moss 2013-14 Australian MX1 Champion - By Jason Rankmore

Matt Moss (NSW) – 2013-14 Australian MX1 Champion (By Moto Snaps Media)

2019 Todd Waters - MX Farm QLD - Moto Snaps Media

2019 Australian MX1 Champion – Todd Waters (QLD). He moved up into equal fourth in the overall standings after finishing third in 2021 in this class  (By Moto Snaps Media)

Riders to win the most MX1 Championships

Jay Marmont (NSW) 4 wins
Dean Ferris (NSW) 3
Darryl King (NZ) 3
Craig Anderson (NSW, 2)
Matt Moss  (NSW) 2

Riders to win successive MX1 Championships

Jay Marmont (NSW) 4 – 2008 to 2011
Dean Ferris (NSW) 3 – 2016 to 2018
Darryll King (NZ) 2 – 2003 to 2004
Matt Moss  (NSW) 2 – 2013 to 2014

Manufacturer's MX1 Championships

Yamaha, 13 wins
Suzuki, 3
KTM, 2
Husqvarna, 1
Kawasaki, 1
Honda, 1

Australian MX1
Motocross Champions

Jay Marmont - Four times Australian MX1 Champion

Jay Marmont – Four-times  Australian MX1 Champion

2001 Darryl King (NZ, Yamaha)
2002 Craig Anderson (NSW, KTM)
2003 Darryl King (NZ, Yamaha)
2004 Darryl King (NZ, Yamaha)
2005 Daryl Hurley (NZ, Suzuki)
2006 Craig Anderson (NSW, Honda)
2007 Daniel Reardon (QLD, Kawasaki)
2008 Jay Marmont (NSW, Yamaha)
2009 Jay Marmont (NSW, Yamaha)
2010 Jay Marmont (NSW, Yamaha)
2011 Jay Marmont (NSW, Yamaha)

2012 Josh Coppins (NZ, Yamaha)
2013 Matt Moss (NSW, Suzuki)
2014 Matt Moss (NSW, Suzuki)
2015 Kirk Gibbs (SA, KTM)
2016 Dean Ferris (NSW, Yamaha)
2017 Dean Ferris (NSW, Yamaha)
2018 Dean Ferris (NSW, Yamaha)
2019 Todd Waters (QLD, Husqvarna)
2020 Not held
2021 Luke Clout (NSW, Yamaha)
2022 Aaron Tanti (NSW, Yamaha)
2023 Dean Ferris (NSW, Yamaha)

The most successful MX1 racers (by State)

Dean Ferris, Queensland's most successful MX1 racer in the Australian Motocross Championships

Dean Ferris, Queensland’s most successful MX1 racer
in the Australian Motocross Championships

1. Jay Marmont, 13 points
2. Dean Ferris, 12
2. Craig Anderson, 9
3. Matt Moss, 8

1. Cheyne Boyd, 3
2. Kade Mosi, 2
3. Adam Monea

1. Todd Waters, 9
2. Dan Reardon, 5
3. Caleb Ward, 1

1. Kirk Gibbs, 7
2. Brett Metcalfe, 2
3. Shane Metcalfe, 1

Regan Duffy, 2

Darryl King, 13
Daryl Hurley, 7
Shayne King, 6

Australian MX1

Motorsports TV – 2021 Australian ProMX MX1 Round  1 Wonthaggi (VIC)

Motorsports TV – 2021 Australian ProMX MX1 Round  2 Canberra (ACT)

Motorsports TV – 2021 Australian ProMX MX1 Round  3 Maitland (NSW)

Suzuki Australia – Matt Moss 2013 MX1 Champion

Snorefilms – Kirk Gibbs – Australian MX 1 Champion 2015

Yamaha Australia – Dean Ferris  MX1 Champion 2017

Honda MX Nationals 2018

MX1 Timeline


The first MX1 Australian Motocross Championship was held, with New Zealander Daryll King winning the inaugural series on a Yamaha.


Craig Anderson (NSW) wins his first Australian  MX1 Motocross Championship and the first for K.T.M. in this class.


New Zealander Daryll King wins his third Australian MX1 Motocross Championship – all aboard Yamahas.


CDR Rockstar Yamaha rider Jay Marmont (NSW) wins his first Australian  MX1 Motocross Championship.


2005 Runner-up World 250cc Motocross Champion Andrew McFarlane (QLD) finishes third overall in the Australian 2009 MX1 Championship, after returning from international competition overseas. 


Scottish rider Billy MacKenzie contests the Australian MX1 Championhsip series, finishing second to Jay Marmont who won his third title in a row.


Jay Marmont (NSW) wins his fourth consecutive Australian MX1 Motocross Championship, equaling Steven Gall’s record in the 250cc class between 1980 to 1983.


Yamaha rider Dean Ferris, from Queensland, wins his third consecutive Australian MX1 Motocross Championship.


Queensland rider Todd Waters wins his first Australian MX1 title on a Husqvarna


The entire 2020 Australian Motocross Championship series is not held due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic.


Penrite becomes the major sponsor of the  2021 Australian Motocross Championship series and takes the professionalism and publicity to an all-time high level in Australia.

Other Australian Champions (by class)

Click on the photos below to view the Australian Champions list for all classes

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