Australian Motocross Championship List Unlimited Sidecars

Australian Motocross Championship List Unlimited Sidecars

Australian Motocross Championship List Unlimited Sidecar Class

Seven-times Australian Unlimited Sidecar Champion John Robinson and Brian Anthony

Seven-times Australian Unlimited Sidecar Champion John Robinson with Brian Anthony. Robinson’s career spans over 40 years, winning his first championship in 1993 and competing in more than 40 International and Grand Prix Events between 1989 to 2016 (Photo: Paul Hargans)

The most successful Unlimited Sidecar teams in the history of the Australian Motocross Championships

1953 to 1990

Back in 2011, Dirt Bike Action magazine ran a feature story titled Home-grown heroes. 

It took a look at the history of Australian Motocross and published a list of the most successful racers in the history of the Australian Championships.

The system
The following points system was used to generate the Top 10 list.  

The top three overall results in each class for each year of each championship were counted – allocating:

  • three points for the win
  • two for second and
  • one for third.

Thanks to your support, we now have a complete list of all the Australian Motocross and Sidecarcross Champions and have updated the Most Successful Racer’s List from the very first Australian Championship in 1953 up to today.

This page features the results for the Unlimited  Sidecars class, which was first held in 1953 and continues today, now through the Australian Sidecarcross Association (ASA).

The first ASA run Australian Sidecarcross Championship was run in 2009. 

Championships still continue at times under Motorcycling Australia, but not each year like in the past.

For the purpose of this exercise, points have been included from both the Motorcycling Australia and Australian Sidecar Association national championships.

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The most successful Unlimited
Sidecar teams

John Robinson SA 9

Seven- times Australian Unlimited Sidecar Champion John Robinson with Adrian Rohrlach in action. 

John Robinson (SA)
Passengers – Simon Chapman, 
Dave Oliver, Adrian Rohrlach, Brian Anthony
29 points

Trevor Anthony (VIC)
Passengers – Mark Weir, 
Troy Grabham, Dirk Krommenhoek
25 points

Murray Williams (SA)
Passengers – Herb Castle,
Des Rettig, Wayne Kearvell, Michael Trevena,
R. Courteney
21 points

Greg Anthony (VIC)
Passengers – Andrew Hughes, Neal Anthony
16 points

Barry Buckley (SA)
Passengers – Randy Harris,
Chris Harris, Russell Elmi, David Ahola
14 points

Ken Adams (VIC)
Passenger – Dennis Cook
11 points

Bernard Mueller (VIC)
Passenger – Robert Duke 
9 points

Equal 8th
David Wells (SA)
Passengers – Geoffrey Graetz, Trevor Thompson

Russell Bergmeier (VIC)
Passenger – Lester Trewin

Darren Williams (SA)
Passenger – Mark Kendall
8 points

Equal 11th
Brian Stewart (VIC)
Passenger – Kim Demarte 

John Delima (VIC)
Passenger – Jim Colligan

Stephen Smith (VIC)
Passengers – Clarrie Jones, Jim Colligan, Terry Smith 

Darren Robertson (VIC)
Passengers: Darryl Elliot, Andrew Turton
7 points

Phillip Franklin (SA)
Passengers – P. Juscharski , Peter Menz, B.Wigzell
6 points

Equal 16th
Bill Williams (VIC)
Passenger – Bruce Lindsell

Ken Riley (VIC)
Passenger – Alan Goodall
5 points

Equal 18th
Michael Thompson
Passenger – Mark Thompson 

Robert McDonough (VIC)
Passenger – B Stent

Stan Smith (WA)
Passengers – Murray Newton, Barry Kennington, Ivan Hughes

Walter Preisig (VIC)
Passenger – Don Stewart
4 points


Barry Buckley-Chris Harris hold of David Wells-Geoffrey Graetz the 1977 Australian Championships

South Australian sidecar legends Barry Buckley-Chris Harris (fifth overall) hold of David Wells-Geoff Graetz  (eighth overall)  pictured here in the 1977 Australian titles at Acusa Park , SA

Ken Adams - Dennis Cook - two-times Australian Champion in Tasmania in 1969

Ken Adams – Dennis Cook from Victoria won both Australian Junior and Unlimited Sidecar Championships in Tasmania in 1969.  They finished sixth overall in this class

1975 Australian Senior Sidecar Champions Stephen Smith and Jim Colligan

1975 Australian Unlimited Sidecar champions Stephen Smith and Jim Colligan (VIC) finished equal tenth  overall in this class.  Smith was the Australian WASP chassis importer

Riders to win the most Unlimited Sidecar Championships

2012 Australian Sidecar Championships RD1 - Dual between Trevor Anthony and John Robinson

Both John Robinson (7, SA) and Trevor Anthony (19, VIC) have each won seven Australian Unlimited Sidecar Championships

John Robinson (SA)
Passengers – S.Chapman, D.Oliver, A.Rohrlach, B.Anthony, 7

Trevor Anthony (VIC)
Passengers – M.Weir, T.Grabham, D.Krommenhoek, C.Grabham, B.Anthony, 7

Murray Williams  (SA)
Passengers – H.Castle, D.Rettig, W.Kearvell, 5

Ken Adams  (VIC)
Passenger – D. Cook, 3

Riders to win successive Unlimited Sidecar Championships

Ken Adams (VIC,1966-67)
Passenger – Dennis Cook

Murray Williams (SA,1971-’72,’73,’74)
Passengers – Des Rettig (’71), Wayne Kearvell

Barry Buckley (SA,1977-78)
Passengers – Chris Harris, Russell Elmi

Russell Bergmeier (VIC,1981-82)
Passenger – Lester Trewin

Brian Stewart (VIC,1983-’84)
Passenger – Kim Demarte

Darren Williams (SA,1985-’86)
Passenger – Mark Kendle

Trevor Anthony (VIC,1990-’91,’92)
Passengers – Mark Weir (’90), Troy Grabham

Trevor Anthony (VIC,1994-’95)
Passengers – Troy Grabham (’94), Dirk Krommenhoek


The most successful Unlimited Sidecar passengers

Brian Anthony Australian Sidecar Champion - Passenger - Portrait with helmet on

Passenger Brian Anthony from Victoria won three Australian Unlimited Sidecar Championships (One with Trevor Anthony in 2008 and two with John Robinson in 2013 and 2017).  He was the highest points scorer on 14 .

Brian Anthony
Riders: Trevor Anthony, John Robinson
14 points

Equal 2nd
Neale Anthony
Rider : Greg Anthony

Wayne Kearvell
Riders: Alf Goodwin, Murray Williams
12 points

Equal 4th
Dennis Cook
Rider: Ken Adams

Troy Grabham
Riders: Trevor Anthony, Steven Fox
11 points


Robert Duke
Rider: Bernard Mueller
9 points

Equal 7th
Adrian Rohrlach
Rider: John Robinson

Lester Trewin
Rider: Russell Bergmeier

Mark Kendle
Rider: Darren Williams

Jim Colligan
Riders: John Delima, Stephen Smith

David Oliver
Riders; John Robinson, Terry Gunter
8 Points

1970s Barry Buckley and Phil Franklin South Australian sidecar race

Phillip Franklin-B.Wigzell (SA) lead Barry Buckley-Russell Elmi (SA). Franklin was overall equal 13th in the Australian Unlimited Sidecar class and won the 1980 Unlimited Sidecar Championship at Dargle (NSW) 

1983 Australian Junior Sidecar Champions Russell Bergmeier and Lester Trewin

Australian Unlimited Sidecar Champions Russell Bergmeier- Lester Trewin (VIC) pictured here at Dargle (NSW) in 1980, won successive titles in 1981 (Simmons Plains, TAS) and in 1982 (Toowomba, QLD)

1985 Darren Williams and Mark Kendle Australian 1000cc Sidecar Champions

Darren Williams-Mark Kendle (SA) pictured here at Noble Falls in 1985 were overall equal 13th in the Australian Unlimited Sidecar class.  They won successive titles in 1985-86 (Barleigh Ranch, Newcastle – NSW) (Photo: Peter Kitchingman)

Australian Unlimited Sidecar

Nine-times Australian Sidecarcross Champion Murray Williams

South Australian Sidecar ace Murray Williams won four Australian Unlimited Sidecar Championships in succession, between 1971 (with Des Rettig) and 1972-74 (with Wayne Kearvell).  Williams won nine Junior and Unlimited Championships combined – the most of any rider, including the solos.

1953  Ken Riley – Alan Goodall (VIC)
1954  Bill Butler (SA)
1955  Class not held
1956  Rex Wilson (SA)
1957  Ron Johnson (QLD)
1958  Lionel Bauers – Ray Wilson (VIC)
1959  Charlie May (VIC)
1960  Alf Highland (VIC)
1961-62  Class not held
1963  Max Annear – Colin Motteram (WA)
1964  Athol Patterson – P. Norton (VIC)
1965  Stan Smith – Barry Kennington (WA)
1966  Ken Adams – Dennis Cook (VIC)
1967  Ken Adams – Dennis Cook (VIC)
1968  Murray Williams – Herb Castle (SA)
1969  Ken Adams – Dennis Cook (VIC)
1970  Alf Goodwin – Wayne Kearvell (SA)
1971  Murray Williams – Des Rettig (SA)
1972  Murray Williams – Wayne Kearvell (SA)
1973  Murray Williams – Wayne Kearvell (SA)
1974  Murray Williams – Wayne Kearvell (SA)
1975  Stephen Smith – Jim Colligan (VIC)
1976  John Delima – K. Heres (VIC)
1977  Barry Buckley –  Chris Harris (SA)
1978  Barry Buckley –  Russell Elmi (SA)
1979  David Wells – Trevor Thompson (SA)
1980  Phillip Franklin – B.Wigzell (SA)
1981  Russell Bergmeier – Lester Trewin (VIC)
1982  Russell Bergmeier – Lester Trewin (VIC)

1983  Brian Stewart – Kim Demarte (VIC)
1984  Brian Stewart – Kim Demarte (VIC)
1985  Darren Williams – Mark Kendle (SA)
1986  Darren Williams – Mark Kendall (SA)
1987  Bill Williams – Bruce Lindsell (VIC)
1988  Bernard Mueller – Robert Duke (VIC)
1989  Darren Robertson – Darryl Elliott (VIC)
1990  Trevor Anthony – Mark Weir (VIC)
1991  Trevor Anthony – Troy Grabham (VIC)
1992  Trevor Anthony – Troy Grabham (VIC)
1993  John Robinson – Simon Chapman (SA)
1994  Trevor Anthony – Troy Grabham (VIC)
1995  Trevor Anthony – Dirk Krommenhoek (VIC)
1996  John Robinson – David Oliver (SA)
1997  Michael Thompson – Mark Thompson
1998  Trevor Anthony – Clint Grabham (VIC)
1999-06  Class not held
2007  John Robinson – David Oliver (VIC)
2008  Trevor Anthony – Brian Anthony (VIC)
2009  John Robinson – Adrian Rohrlach (SA)
2010  Greg Anthony – Neale Anthony (VIC)
2011  John Robinson – Adrian Rohrlach (SA)
2012  Shane Schiller – Stephen Doecke (SA)
2013  John Robinson – Brian Anthony (SA)
2014  Greg Anthony – Neale Anthony (VIC)
2015-16 Class not held
2017  John Robinson – Brian Anthony (SA)
2018-20 Class not held

The most successful Australian Unlimited Sidecar Champions
(by State)

Vale Stan Smith Sidecar Motocross Champion Western Australia

Stan Smith and Barry Kennington were WA’s highest point scorers in the Australian Unlimited  Sidecar class.  They won both the Junior and Unlimited classes in 1965 on an Arial.  This machine is on display at the Whiteman Park Motor Museum in WA.

1. John Robinson, 29
     Passengers – Simon Chapman, Dave Oliver, Adrian Rohrlach, Brian Anthony

2. Murray Williams, 21
    Passengers – Herb Castle, Des Rettig, Wayne Kearvell, Michael Trevena, R. Courteney

3. Barry Buckley, 12
    Passengers – Randy Harris, Chris Harris, Russell Elmi, David Ahola


  1. Trevor Anthony, 25 
    Passengers – Mark Weir, Troy Grabham, Dirk Krommenhoek
  2. Greg Anthony, 15
    Passenger – Andrew Hughes
  3. Ken Adams, 11
    Passenger – Dennis Cook

1. Stan Smith, 4
    Passengers – Murray Newton, Barry Kennington

2. Cliff Cook, 3
    Passenger – John Steyntjes

     Max Annear, 3
     Passenger – Colin Motteram

1.  Mark Standage, 2
      Passenger – Craig Standage

     Ron Johnson, 2

     A.Hill, 2
     Passenger – A. McNaught

1.  J. Riley, 2
     K. Linnett, 2

Videos - Australian Unlimited Sidecar Championships

1981 – Australian Unlimited Sidecar Championship Symmons Plains, Tasmania

1982 – Australian Unlimited Championship  Echo Valley, Toowoomba, Queensland

1985 – Australian  Motocross Championship  Television Special from Noble Falls, WA

1985 – Australian  Unlimited Sidecar Championship  Noble Falls, WA

2011 – Australian  Sidecar Championship  promotion at Horsham, Victoria

More Australian Championship results and photos

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1979 Australian Championships Wanneroo - Sidecars - David Wells-Trevor Thompson and Barry Buckley-Russell Elmi

Photo: David Wells-Trevor Thompson (SA) lead Barry Buckley-Russell Elmi (SA) in the 1979 Australian Unlimited Sidecar Championships at Wanneroo, WA (Photo: Peter Kitchingman)

Australian Unlimited Sidecar Champions Poster

AMXH Australian Motocross Champions List - Poster - Unlimited Sidecar Class - High Res

Other Australian Champions (by class)

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