Australian Motocross Championships Collie 1968

Australian Motocross Championships Collie 1968

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Australian Motocross Championships Collie

20 october 1968, collie - western australia (collie MCC)
Australian Motocross Champion Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher - Face shot with bike 33
1968 Australian 250cc Motocross Champion - Rob Voumard - Medallion

Photos:  Australian motocross legend Ray Fisher won two Australian Motocross Championships at Collie (WA) in 1968, to take  his title tally to seven; and [right] South Australian rider Rob Voumard’s medallion for winning the 250cc title.

Fisher brings in Japan's first and Britain's last motocross title

Victorian motocross rider Ray Fisher added two more National titles to his trophy cabinet at the 1968 titles, winning the 125 and Unlimited classes at Collie in Western Australia.

Ironically, on 20 October 1968, Fisher created double history – becoming the first rider to win a title on a Japanese two-stroke machine and the last to win a title aboard a British four-stroke machine – on the Collie circuit, which was at a disused coal mine site, 125 miles south of Perth.

Fisher ran away from the small field on his Ron Angel-tune Kawasaki in the 125cc class and won the Unlimited title on a Matchless Matisse.

He could have well won the 250cc class too, but the big end bearing “let go” on his 250 Metisse Kawasaki and South Australian Rob Voumard won the title on his Pitman’s-sponsored, GYT-kitted DTI Yamaha.

WA rider Gordon Renfree had troubled Voumard before crashing his Husqvara 250 but he made no mistakes in the 350 race, winning his fourth Australian motocross title.

It was a good day for the South Australians, who made the most of the day with many of the NSW/Queensland contingent electing not to travel to WA and NSW sensation Matt Daley, unable to ride following injuries he received at the Queensland titles.

Another croweater Dave Basham won the 500cc Australian Championship aboard a 360cc Greeves.
Basham showed that two-strokes were getting the edge when it outpowered as well as outhandled Fisher’s Metisse to take the 500 title.

Basham was leading comfortably in the Allpowers final when his chain came off. Fisher and Ritchie Kings (WA) then took up the running.

In the final run to the line, Fisher’s Doyle-prepared Matchless outgrunted King’s similar machine, to give him his seventh Australian championship.

It was his last, as the day of the two-stroke was at hand!

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Williams-Castle win the sidecar double ahead of local McDermott brothers

Murray Williams picked up his first double title in the sidecar events at Collie, using a Jawa speedway engine.

Local Collie sidecar brothers Bill and John McDermott (WA, A.J.S.) finished second to Williams and Herb Castle in both classes.

In the Junior Sidecars, Victorians Gordon Richards – George Peters were third on an Ariel.

And in the Senior Sidecars, two-times Australian Champion Stan Smith and Ivan Hughes (WA, Ariel) were third.

Photo:  Murray Williams -Herb Castle won both Australian Sidecar Championships on a Jawa at Collie in 1968

Murray Williams and Herb Castle won both Australian Sidecar Championships on a Jawa at Collie in 1968

Photo: [Left] SA rider David Basham won the Unlimited class on a 360cc Greeves; [centre] Gordon Renfree  (WA, Husqvarna) won his fourth Australian motocross title in the 350cc class (by Tony Forsythe); & [right] R-up Australian Sidecar Champions in both classes – Bill  & John  McDermott (WA, A.J.S.)

1968 Australian Motocross Championship Results


1. Ray Fisher (VIC, Kawasaki)
2.  Ray Turner (TAS, Bultaco)
3. Terry Willis (WA, Suzuki)


1. Rob Voumard (SA, Yamaha)
2. Phillip Heywood (NSW, Greeves)
Brian Thompson (NSW, Greeves)


1. Gordon Renfree (WA, Husqvarna)
2. John Mitchell (WA, Special)
3. P. Bevilaqua (WA, Greeves)


1. David Basham (SA, Greeves)
2. Ray Fisher (VIC, Matchless Metisse)
3. Rob Voumard (SA, Greeves)

Unlimited Solos

1. Ray Fisher (VIC, Matchless Metisse)
2. Ritchie Kings (WA, Matchless)
Michael Dowsett (SA, B.S.A.)

Junior Sidecars

1. Murray Williams – Herb Castle (SA, Jawa)
2. Bill McDermott – John McDermott (WA, A.J.S.)
Gordon Richards – George Peters (VIC, Ariel)

Senior Sidecars

1. Murray Williams – Herb Castle (SA, Jawa)
2. Bill McDermott – John McDermott (WA, A.J.S.)
Stan Smith – Ivan Hughes (WA, Ariel)

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