Australian Motocross Championships Korweinguboora 1953

Australian Motocross Championships Korweinguboora 1953

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Australian Motocross Championships Korweinguboora

14 NOVEMBER 1953, Korweinguboora - Victoria
Australian Motocross Champion Ken Rumble
Ken Rumble 99 - Australia's firt National Motocross Champion in 1953
1953 Australian Motocross Championships - Queenslander Tony Edwards at the first Australian Championship in Korweinguboora - Daylesford VIC

Photo: [Left ] Victorian Ken Rumble was the first rider to win an Australian National Motocross Championship; [Centre] Rumble aboard this 125cc B.S.A. Bantom, one of three classes he won at the inaugural event on 14 November 1953 at Korweinguboora, Victoria, which was held in very wet and muddy conditions; and [Right] Queenslander Tony Edwards in action at the inaugural event.

Rumbleguts - Australia's first National Motocross Champion

Victorian rider Ken Rumble became Australia’s first National Motocross Champion when he won the Australian 125cc Championship at Korweinguboora, near Daylesford in Victoria on 14 November 1953.

Rumble was the standout rider at the inaugural Australian Motocross Championships –winning three National titles – the 125, 250 and All Powers classes on home soil – riding B.S.A. machines in the smaller classes and a 500cc Matchless in the All Powers, which was later called the Unlimited class.

And he narrowly missed out on a clean sweep, finishing second to fellow Victorian John Burrows (A.J.S.) in the 350s, the only other solo class held on the day.

“Rumbleguts” – as he was nicknamed by George Lynn, Editor of the “Green Horror” Australian Motorcycle Newspaper – dominated in wet and muddy conditions that really suited him.

And after discarding his goggles in one race, he had to be led to the ambulance tent to have his eyes washed out.

Motocross, or scrambling as it was called in the early days, was first introduced to Australia in the mid-1920s. But it would take almost three decades until the National Championships were established.

The sport really took off across the globe after World War II when it expanded from Britain to Europe and was given a new name ‘Motocross’, around the time of the first Motocross of Nations in 1947 between England and Belgium.

Then six years later, Australia held its first National Championships. Given Victoria held the first scramble in this country in 1926, it was fitting that this State held the first Australian titles.

And even though the event was a local affair with almost all the riders from Victoria, it was still a fitting result for Rumble – who went on to be a true motorcycling legend.

The only rider outside Victoria to place at the inaugural Australian Championships was Rex Wilson in the sidecars.

The South Australian became Australia’s first National Sidecar Champion, winning the 500cc Sidecar class with Ian Baldock in the chair on an Ariel. He also finished second in the 1000cc sidecars behind Victorians Ken Riley and Alan Goodall on a B.S.A. outfit.

This was B.S.A.’s fourth manufacturer’s title on the day, with AJS (Burrows 350) and Rumble (Matchless Unlimited) winning the other solo classes.

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1953 Australian Motocross Championship Results


1 Ken Rumble (VIC, B.S.A.)
2 E. Hampson (VIC, B.S.A.)
3 Lindsay Stevenson (VIC, C.Z)


Ken Rumble (VIC, B.S.A.)
Ken Thredgold (VIC, Velocette)
Lindsay Stevenson (VIC, Velocette)


1 John Burrows (VIC, A.J.S.)
2 Ken Rumble (VIC, B.S.A.)
3 Lindsay Stevenson (VIC, Velocette)

1953 Australian Motocross Championships - Victorian John Burrows - 350cc Champion and his winning AJS machine at Korweinguboora - Daylesford VIC

Photo: Victorian rider John Burrows won the Australian 350cc Motocross Title on an A.J.S. bike

Unlimited Solo (All Powers)

1 Ken Rumble (VIC, Matchless)
2 Alec Campbell, VIC, Matchless)
3 John Burrows (VIC, A.J.S)

Sidecars (Junior)

1 Rex Wilson – Ian Baldock (SA, Ariel)
2 J. Hogg (Matchless)
3 George Murphy (VIC, Ariel)

Sidecars (Unlimited)

1  Ken Riley – Alan Goodall (VIC, B.S.A.)
Rex Wilson – Ian Baldock (SA, Ariel)
George Murphy (VIC, Norton)

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