Australian Motocross Championships Toowoomba 1982

Australian Motocross Championships Toowoomba 1982

Australian Motocross Championships Toowoomba

28-29 August 1982 - Echo Valley, Toowoomba (QLD)
1982 Australian Motocross Championships Toowoomba - Darryl Willoughby and Jeff Leisk
Australian Motocross Champion Jeff Leisk (WA) - Winner of the premier 500cc class in 1992 - duals with Darryl Willoughby (SA)

Young Leisk wins the premier 500cc National title at Toowoomba

On 28-29 August 1982, a young Jeff Leisk upset the big guns to break through and win the premier 500cc class at the Australian Championships in Toowoomba, Queensland. 

Switching from Honda to the Yamaha Dealer team that year, Leisk won the title ahead of Robert Bailey (NSW, Suzuki) and Anthony Gunter (NSW, Kawasaki).

Stephen Gall (NSW, Yamaha) showed his amazing fitness levels to clinch the 250cc title winning both legs ahead of Darryl Willoughby (SA, Yamaha) and Vaughan Style (NSW, Honda).  

It was Gall’s first ride in two months after being sidelined with a broken wrist, which would have been given a fair workout on the hilly and winding Echo Valley circuit.

He was so sore after the 250cc races that he decided not to contest the other classes and to rest for the next round of the Mr Motocross series.

Victorian riders Ray Vandenberg broke through to win the National 125cc title on a Suzuki as did Russell Bergmeier-Lester Trewin (Weslake Wasp) in the Unlimited Sidecars.  

Vandenberg finished ahead of Peter Carney (NSW, Suzuki) and Craig Hyde (QLD, Suzuki) in second and third places, respectively.

 South Australian sidecar ace Barry Buckley clinched his eighth National title with David Ahola in the chair in the 500cc class.

Queensland enduro champion and Suzuki dealer Geoff Udy built a sidecar for the event and finished second in this class with Vaughn Fletcher in the chair.  

And another other local Queensland team Bill Holme-David Kempe finished third on their Honda.

There was another great story that came out of this event in the Unlimited sidecars.  

Local solo rider David Runderman swung for the first time with South Australian Jeff Lucas and the pair were the runner-up champions on Jeff’s Suzuki Wasp.

The Standage brothers, Mark and Craig, from Queensland finished third on their Norton Wasp.


3M Video Trailer of the 1982 Championships

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Race day videos

This video which was filmed by Channel 10 in Toowoomba features highlights from all classes contested at the 1982 Australian Motocross Championships in Queensland – 125cc, 250cc, 500cc, Restricted License Holders, Junior and Unlimited Sidecars.

Race day photos

1982 Australian Motocross Championships Toowoomba - Trevor Williams

Victorian rider Trevor Williams in the 500cc class at the Echo Valley circuit.

1982 Australian Motocross Championships Toowoomba - Barry Buckley and David Ahola

Sidecar ace Barry Buckley (SA) – winner of the 500cc Sidecar Championship

1982 Runner-up 500cc Australian Sidecar Champions Geoff Udy - Vaughn Fletcher

1982 R-up 500cc Australian Sidecar Champions Geoff Udy – Vaughn Fletcher (QLD)

The start of  the 1000cc sidecar race, which was won by Victorians Russell Bergmeier -Lester Trewin

Motocross Championship Results


1 Ray Vandenberg (VIC, Suzuki) 2-1 27pts
2 Peter Carney (NSW, Suzuki) 1-2 27
3 Craig Hyde (QLD, Suzuki) 4-3 18


1 Stephen Gall (NSW, Yamaha) 1-1 30pts
2 Darryl Willoughby (SA, Yamaha) 2-2 24
3 Vaughan Style (NSW, Honda) 3-4 18


1 Jeff Leisk (WA, Yamaha) 1-2 27pts
2 Robert Bailey (NSW, Suzuki) 2-3 25
3 Anthony Gunter (NSW, Kawasaki) 4-4 16

500cc Sidecars

Barry Buckley-David Ahola
(SA, Yamaha Wasp) 1-1 30pts
2 Geoff Udy-Vaughan Fletcher
(QLD, Suzuki) 3-2 22
3 Bill Holme-David Kempe
(QLD, Honda) 4-3 18

1000cc Sidecars

Russell Bergmeier-Lester Trewin 1-1 30pts
(VIC, Weslake Wasp)
Jeff Lucas (SA)-David Runderman 2-2 24
(QLD, Suzuki Wasp)
3 Mark Standage-Craig Standage 3-3 20
(QLD, Norton EML)


Click here to view the event program, which was part of the Australian Motor Cycle News magazine that year.

Click here to view the Dirt Bike magazine report on the event.

1982 Australian Motocross Championships Toowoomba Queensland

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  1. Hi there, my name is Dean Watt, i raced in the 1982 Australian 500cc MX championship on a Kawasaki KX 420 at Echo Valley Toowoomba.
    I believe i got a 9th in one moto and not sure of the other moto.
    I am now 62 years old and to this day have never really known my results for sure.
    If you could help with this i would be very grateful.
    Moto 1 placing?
    Moto 2 placing?
    And overall placing if possible please?
    Thanking you in advance, Dean M. Watt.

    Dean Watt
    1. Hi Dean, this page has the Top 10 results for each class at the 1992 Australian Championships, but not the individual race results (and individual race scores for those in the top 10). The lowest Top 10 placegetter in the 500cc class S. Tozier (Husqvarna) scored 12 points, so if you finished 9th in one moto, you would have scored 5 points in that race, which means you must have finished less than sixth in the other.

      John Leonardus Steyntjes

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