Australian Supercross Champion Glen Bell

Australian Supercross Champion Glen Bell

Australian Supercross Champion Glen Bell

Glen Bell Honda - Inaugural Supercross Masters series winner in 1989
1983 Fremantle Supercross Glen Bell

Photo: 1993  Australian Supercross Masters and National Champion Glen Bell in action [Left]  and at the 1983  Fremantle Supercross  in Western Australia (By Peter Kitchingman)

Bell rings across Australian Supercross for more than a decade in the 1980s-90s

Eight-times Australian Motocross Champion Glen Bell from New South Wales was also an accomplished supercross racer in the 1980s-1990s – winning a National Supercross title and more than 70 National and State supercross events.

His first supercross win was in Newcastle in 1983 and from there on he regularly finished on the winner’s podium – right up to 1994 when he retired from full-time racing, registering his last supercross win at the inaugural Coffs Harbour Supercross.

The year before, at age 31, “Belly” as he was nicknamed, won the Australian Supercross Championship and prestigious Supercross Masters series.

Four years earlier, in 1989, he won the Supercross Masters,  which took the sport to a new level this country, with Bell creating history to become the first rider to win the first Masters series held over multiple rounds in front of thousands of fans at packed stadiums across Australia.

Bell’s biggest supercross international achievement came that year at the 1989 Tokyo Supercross, which was won by reigning World 250cc Motocross Champion Bayle, with AMA Legend Ricky Johnson finishing second.

Bell and fellow Australian Jeff Leisk finished overall in fifth and sixth places, respectively, behind other American legends Jeff Ward (Kawasaki) and Damon Bradshaw (Yamaha) who split the Honda riders in third and fourth.

Up against the World’s best supercross riders, also including Amercian Yamaha riders Micky Dymond and Mike LaRocco, this race was one of Bell’s highest achievements and proudest moments in his racing career.


Bell’s first supercross race was in C Grade at the 1981 Stefan Superbowl of Motocross at Lang Park in Brisbane, which he led throughout until jumping into a lapped rider.  He then got the taste for this exciting new branch of the sport and would hone his skills at the new Hungry Creek circuit (old ride park near Sydney), where he learnt how to ride and set up his bike for supercross.

His first big supercross win came at the Newcastle International Supercross series – staged over two weekends – where he won both the major 250cc events up against the top Australian and visiting American riders.

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1983 Glen Bell in action at the Fremantle Supercross - By Peter Kitchingman
Australia's earliest Supercross riders - Bell, Dack. Gall, Leisk, Ellis, Style, Williams, Moates, Vandenberg and more - By ADB

Photos: [Left]  Glen Bell in action at the  1993 Fremantle Supercross in WA  (By Peter Kitchingman); and with Australia’s Top Supercross racers  at the 1984 Fremantle Supercross (left to right] – Belly “Wally” standing, the late Marty Moates, Robert Scott, Trevor Williams, Vaughan Style, Jeff Leisk;  kneeling – Craig Dack (Australia’s first official National Supercross Champion), Robin Rhodes, Stephen Gall; Jim Ellis and seated – Ray Vandenberg (By courtesy ADB)

Bell wins the Australian Supercross Masters and National Championship at age 31

Glen Bell with manager Mark Luksich at a Supercross event

Photo:  A winning combination – Australian motocross and supercross champion Glen Bell with his manager and close friend Mark Luksich.

After getting help from Yamaha in 1983, the Toshiba Yamaha Team noticed Bell and offered him a full factory deal, enabling him to turn professional and achieve his childhood dream.

He would later race for the Marlboro Yamaha Team until Yamaha restructured their racing after the 1987 season, when Bell shifted to Honda, who supplied him with bikes, parts and assistance. He never received any sign-on money, but continued to make a living through prizemoney.  Eventually he teamed up with Mark Luksich who was a close friend and later became his manager – handling Bell’s contractual and racing arrangements, enabling him to focus on his riding.

This “innovative” arrangement paid off with Bell achieving some of his biggest wins towards the end of his racing career, twice winning the prestigious Supercross Masters Series (1989 and 1993) and National Supercross Championship in 1993.

In domestic supercross, Bell has won more Australian events and State Supercross Championships in Queensland and New South Wales (his home state) than any other rider.

Video gallery

1982 SUPERCROSS AT OLYMPIC STADIUM, MELBOURNE – Bell wins C-Grade support race

1989 MELBOURNE SUPERCROSS – Glen Bell wins final over visiting US riderrs


1993 SUPERCROSS MASTERS AND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP – Bell wraps up both series in Sydney

MXTV SHOW – “Where are they now” with Australian Motocross Champion Glen Bell

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