Bell and Leisk shine at 1989 Tokyo Supercross

Bell and Leisk shine at 1989 Tokyo Supercross

Bell and Leisk shine in 1989 Tokyo Supercross

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Photo: Glen Bell (NSW, Honda) finished fifth at the 1989 Tokyo Supercross against some of the World’s best  motocross riders.

Frenchman Bayle wins Tokyo Supercross in Japan, with two Aussies in the Top 6

On 19 November 1989, Frenchman Jean-Michel Bayle became the second major international motocross rider to win the famous Tokyo Supercross, with Australians Glen Bell and Jeff Leisk finishing in the Top 6.  

American motocross legend Rick Johnson, who finished second to Bayle that year, became the first American to win the Japanese event back in 1982.

Honda riders dominated the 1989 Tokyo Supercross with reigning World 250cc Motocross Champion Bayle and Johnson finishing 1-2, with Bell and Leisk finishing overall in fifth and sixth places, respectively.  Americans Jeff Ward (Kawasaki) and Damon Bradshaw (Yamaha) split the Honda riders in third and fourth.

It may not have been a win for Bell, but he credits this result as one of his proudest moments against the World’s best motocross riders, including Amercians Johnson, Ward, Bradshaw and other Yamaha riders Micky Dymond and Mike LaRocco.

Although Bell competed in many International events throughout his illustrious career, he was always based in Australia. 1989 was the year Leisk was the Runner-up World 500cc Motocross Champion.

Bayle – who competed three years later down under at the 1992 Motocross des Nations at Manjimup – collected 1.5 million Yen for his win in Japan, more than $15,000 (AUS).

A week earlier, Jeff Ward won the Osaka Supercross in Japan on 12 November 1989, with Bell and Leisk finishing in the Top 10 – eighth and ninth, respectively.

Results -
1989 Tokyo Supercross, Japan

1. Jean-Michel Bayle (France, Honda)
2. Rick Johnson (USA, Honda)
3. Jeff Ward (USA, Kawasaki)
4. Damon Bradshaw (USA, Yamaha)
5. Glen Bell (AUS, Honda)
6. Jeff Leisk (AUS, Honda)
7. Ron Tichenor (US, Suzuki)
8. Jeff Matiassevich (US Kawasaki)
9. Micky Dymond (USA, Yamaha)
10. Mike LaRocco (US, Yamaha)

1989 Tokyo Supercross (in Japanaese)

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