Bell wins last Fremantle Supercross

Bell wins last Fremantle Supercross

Australian Supercross Champion Glen Bell

1985 Fremantle - Supercross - riders

Photo:  Riders at the Fremantle Supercross at Fremantle Oval, near Perth (WA) on 9 November 1985

Back row (left to right)
Robin Rhodes (US), Troy Doolan (VIC), Vaughan Styles (NSW), Darryl Schultz (USA), Craig Dack (NSW), James Deakin (QLD), Brian Manley (USA), Glen Bell (NSW), who won the event, and David Armstrong (QLD).

Front row (left to right)
Peter Melton (QLD), Jeff Leisk (WA), Matt Carlson (NSW), Jimmy Ellis (USA), Richie Rose (WA), Lyndon Heffernan (NSW), and  Stephen Gall (NSW).

By Peter Kitchingman

Bell wins last Fremantle Supercross

On 9 November 1985, Australian Motocross Champion Glen Bell won the Fremantle International Supercross.

Bell, from New South Wales riding a Yamaha, beat a star-studded lineup at Fremantle Oval, south of Perth, which included three US riders – Darryl Schultz, Brian Manley and Robin Rhodes.

Schultz was the 1982 American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) 500cc Motocross Champion, while Manley was an up and coming rider who went on to race the AMA Championships between 1986 to 1995.

Another American, former AMA Supercross Champion Jimmy Ellis also competed, making Australia home after racing supercross earlier down under.

The top Australian riders racing at Fremantle, the final ever Fremantle oval supercross, included:

  • NSW riders: Glen Bell, Stephen Gall and Vaughan Styles, Lyndon Heffernan and Matt Carlson
  • Victoria: Troy Doolan (VIC)
  • Queensland: Peter Melton, James Deakin and David Armstrong, and 
  • WA: Jeff Leisk, Richie Rose, and Tony Fenton.

The Fremantle Supercross was an annual event in the early 1980s and, in 1983, featured two world champions Danny PaPorte (1982, 250) and Hakan Carlqvist (1983, 500).  It was run by a syndicate of promoters, including Kim Parsons and Bob Leisk.

1983 Fremantle Supercross Glen Bell

1985 Fremantle International Supercross winner – Glen Bell (NSW, Yamaha)

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