Belmont Stadium Motocross 1979

Belmont Stadium Motocross 1979

1979 Belmont Stadium Motocross on 7 April 1979, won by 2 Graeme Smythe

Photos:  [Main – Left to right] Keith Gill (46, Suzuki), Peter Benson (64, Maico), Ray Cutts (25, CCM), Clayton Mills (9, Pagron), Neville Cutts (O, Suzuki), race-leader Rick Gill (8, Suzuki), Graeme Smythe (2, Yamaha), and Rosco Taylor (39, Suzuki);  Overall winner Graeme Smythe (All photos by Peter Kitchingman)

The first stadium motocross events in WA and Australia

The inaugural Superbowl of Motocross held at Bunbury City Speedway on 19 January 1981 was the first true supercross event in WA, as we know the sport today.

But earlier, there were actually at least two stadium motocross events in Perth – in 1978 and 1979.

Australian motocross legend Graeme Smythe won both events, which were held as part of the annual Motorcycle Show hosted by the Auto Cycle Council of WA (now Motorcycling Western Australia).

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club ran the motocross events, but Claremont Speedway promoter Con Migro and Ian Legge organised the overall three-day motorcycle show.

The inaugural stadium motocross event – and Perth Motorcycle Show – was held at the Claremont Showgrounds in May 1978, three months earlier than what was believed to be the first ever stadium motocross in Australia, which was held at the Paramatta Raceway in New South Wales on 16 July 1978.

The 1979 Motorcycle Show and stadium motocross event was moved from the Claremont Speedway venue to the Belmont (horseracing) Racecourse and run on Saturday, 7 April over four 20 minute legs.

Thirty of WA’s top riders were invited to compete, which in 1979 included Neville Cutts (O, Suzuki), Graeme Smythe (2, Yamaha), Rick Gill (8, Suzuki), Clayton Mills (9, Pagron), Ray Cutts (25, CCM), Rosco Taylor (39, Suzuki), Keith Gill (46, Suzuki) and Peter Benson (64, Maico) – pictured above.

According to the overall race winner Graeme Smythe, the circuit had jumps and included the outer grass track and centre of the horse racing field. But it’s design was not like supercross events as we know it today with double, triple jumps, stutters and more.  

Spectators had comfortable seats and excellent viewing of the whole circuit from the racecourse stand.

Photos: [Top] 1979 Perth Motorcycle Show Program, which incorporated the Stadium Motocross event at Belmont Raceway, and [below} the May 1978 Claremont Showgrounds Stadium motocross trophy won by Graeme Smythe.

Photo gallery

1979 Belmont Supercross Neville Cutts
1979 Belmont Supercross Clayton Mills and Shane Thompson
1979 Belmont Supercross Morgan Smith

Photos: [Left to right]  Neville Cutts (0, Suzuki) chasing an unknown rider; Clayton Mills (Pagron) dicing with Shane Thompson (Suzuki); and Morgan Smith.

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