British Motocross Champion Vic Allan in Australia

British Motocross Champion Vic Allan in Australia

Dual British Champion Vic Allen down under

1975 - Wallan International 10 August 1975 – Vic Allan (Wales)
1975 Prime Minister Malcolm Frazer with Bert Flood and Vic Allan, Wales at Wallan on 10 August 1975
Vic Allan - By Peter Kitchingman

Photos:  Reigning British 250cc and 500cc Motocross Champion Vic Allan (Wales, Bultaco) at  Wallan in Victoria on 10 August 1975; [centre] with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and race organiser Bert Flood; and [right] Allan back down under in later years (By Peter Kitchingman)

British Champion Vic Allan dominates Bert Flood Star International motocross at Wallan

On 10 August 1975, well-known Victorian motorcycle dealer Bert Flood organised the “Star International” motocross event at Wallan.  Flood – the Australian importer for Bultaco motocross machines, flew in the reigning British 250cc and 500cc Motocross Champion and UK Bultaco rider Vic Allan.  

Although Allan was the fastest rider on the day, he had to settle for second overall behind Flood’s son Trevor (VIC, Yamaha) after the front tyre of Allan’s Bultaco went flat while leading the first race.

After finishing out of the points in the opening 20-minute moto, Allan convincingly won the second and third motos, feeling at home in the final when the heavens opened up and saturated the ‘new-look’ Wallan circuit.

In Moto 2, Allan led all the way with brothers Gary (Bultaco) and Trevor Flood dicing throughout, with Trevor finishing second in the 2nd and 3rd motos on 39 points (1-2-2), after his win in the first – 9 points ahead of Allan.

Steve Cramer (VIC, Yamaha) tied on points with Allan, but was awarded third on a countback. According to the official timekeeper W. Petrie, the results should have been the other way around.

The international event was a huge success with a big crowd and Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser making a spectacular arrival, flying in by helicopter with ACUV official Tony Street.

1975 - Wallan International 10 August 1975 – Startline with Steve Cramer (94) and Anton Alers
1975 - Wallan International 10 August 1975 – Steve Cramer (94)

Photos: [Top]  Wallan International  Motocross  start  line on 10 August 1975; and [Bottom] Victorian Steve Cramer (Suzuki), who tied with Vic Allan for second.

Allan returns with reigning World Champion

Vic Allan, Wales raced internationally in Europe and finished third for Great Britain at the 1975 Motocross des Nations in Czechoslovakia
1975 Vic Allan Wales British 250 and 500cc Motocross Champion at Australian Championships in Tasmania

Allan loved Australia and returned later in the year after finishing third in the British team at the Motocross des Nations in Czechoslovakia on September 1975, behind Belgium and the winning home team.

Allan was part of the 1975 international promotional tour, accompanying new World 125cc Champion Gaston Rahier, with the Belgium rider winning Suzuki’s first world championship.

With the sales boom of the early seventies beginning to significantly affect motocross, Rahier and a host of international riders toured Australia in 1975 to promote the new Japanese lightweight motocross machines.

In addition to the two Belgium riders Rahier and Camal, the international riders included Japanese development rider Masanori Ozeki, all on works Suzukis, Bultaco rider Allan and Gualtiero Brissoni (Italy) on a SWM 125, Per Klitland (Denmark, Yamaha) and Ivan Miller (NZ, Yamaha).

It was a whirl-wind tour with the riders competing at a second Wallan International on Saturday, 15 November, then flying out to Tasmania to compete in the Australian Motocross Championships the following day in Tasmania on Sunday, 16 November 1975.

Rahier won all classes he contested (125, 250 and Unlimited) at the South Arm Road circuit in Tasmania, and Allan finished second to Rahier in the Unlimited class.

At the Sydney International at Amaroo Park, Rahier and Allan came together and both fell off, which caused a heated exchange.

Allan was quick and went on to beat Rahier twice in the international meetings in Australia.

Photos: [Top]  Allan racing at an international meeting in Europe; and [right]  competing at the 1975 Australian Motocross Championships in Tasmania.

Wallan International Race Results - August 1975

1975 Wallan 10 August - International motocross program

Overall Results
1. Trevor Flood (VIC, Yamaha) 36 points
2. Vic Allan (Bultaco, Scotland) 30
3. Steve Cramer (VIC, Suzuki) 30

Moto 1
1. Trevor Flood (VIC, Yamaha)
2. Steve Cramer (VIC, Suzuki)
3. Mike Landman (VIC, Yamaha)

Moto 2
1. Vic Allan (Bultaco, Scotland)
2. Trevor Flood (VIC, Yamaha)
3. Gary Flood (VIC, Bultaco)

Moto 3
1. Vic Allan (Bultaco, Scotland)
2. Trevor Flood (VIC, Yamaha)
3. Steve Cramer (VIC, Suzuki)

Experts Feature Race
1. Vic Allan (Bultaco, Scotland)
2. Rod Hunter
3. Chris Oldfield


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