Gall wins World Super Cross Masters in London

Gall wins World Super Cross Masters in London

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Gall wins World Masters Super Cross in London

Stephen Gall Supercross 1984 - Chelsea Stadium (London) presentation with Leif Niklasson Sweden

Photos: [Left] Stephen Gall (NSW) celebrating his big international supercross win with runner-up Leif Niklasson (Sweden) at the World Masters Super Cross at Chelsea Football Club Stadium in London; [right] the event program cover, which was run by Aussie promoters Kim Parsons and Bob Leisk.

Stephen Gall wins World Masters Super Cross at Chelsea Football Club stadium in London

On 28 May 1984, Australian motocross legend Stephen Gall won the World Masters Super Cross event against a world-class field in London.

Western Australian supercross promoters – the late Kim Parsons and the late Bob Leisk – hosted this historic event at the famous Chelsea Football Club Stadium.

More than 80 riders competed from all over the world, including Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan.

The Australian contingent included Gall, Jeff Leisk and Robert ‘Beetle’ Bailey, plus Australian – United States expatriate the late Marty Moates.

It was a star-studded line-up with many world or future world or British champions competing, including: Danny LaPorte (USA), David Thorpe, Kurt Nicol, Graham Noyce (England), Georges Jobe (Belgium) and Leif Niklasson (Sweden).

To make the final, four heats and two semi-finals were held with the top riders making it through to the starting line-up and chance to win the prestigious World Masters Super Cross title in front of a packed stadium, one of the first supercross events in Great Britain, with the sport taking off in the US and Australia.

After barely qualifying for the main event, Stephen Gall grabbed the hole shot beside Jobe in the final, which was run in wet conditions. The pair collided in the first corner, with Jobe falling.

Gall recovered and, after twice falling in the mud, made his way up into second on the final lap of the 20-lap event, behind Swedish Champion Leif Niklasson. But, fortunately for Gall, Niklasson slid out on a corner and handed the English international supercross win to the Australian.

It was a typical Gall win that personified his fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude and the biggest international supercross win of his successful career.

Gall was then invited to compete in the 1984 Bordeaux Supercross in France, placing sixth and being the first non-American home.

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