Manjimup 15000 Past Winners

Manjimup 15000 Past Winners

Manjimup 15000 Past Winners

1986 Manjimup 15000 winner Jimmy Ellis (US) (2)
1985 Western Classic presentation Jeff Leisk and Jimmy Ellis

Photos  [Above] Manjimup 15000 winners Jeff Leisk (WA, 1984-85, ’96) and Jimmy Ellis (USA, 1986) dual for the lead in 1985.   [Bottom right] Leisk and Ellis [Top right]  Jimmy Ellis jumps “Jims Jump”, which was named after him when the American became the first rider to clear the long tabletop jump in one go. 

The Manjimup 15000 motocross spectacular

The very first Manjimup 15000 motocross event was held on 1 June 1980 at the Cosy Creek Circuit in Manjimup.

The Manjimup Motorcycle Club got the idea from the successful annual King of the Cross at the remote Southern Cross mining town in WA, which went international in 1979 to coincide with the WA 150 year anniversary celebrations.

The name Manjimup 15000 was derived from the original value of the prize money, which at the time, was the richest motocross event ever held in Australia. Britain’s Roger Harvey was the inaugural winner.

But on occasions this prize purse more than doubled reaching $33,000 in 1987, the year it was won by New South Wales rider Craig Dack.

Under the early guidance of Trevor Holm, the Manjimup 15000 went from strength to strength over the next 30 years to establish itself as Australia’s most prestigious outdoor one-day motocross event.

Apart from a few hiccups in the early years when the event was not run, the Manjimup 15000 was held annually on the WA Foundation Day June long weekend into the turn of the century – drawing International, National and State riders.

In fact, the Manjimup MCC has run events on this holiday weekend since the seventies when it hosted the very successful Australian Motocross Championships in 1974.

Also, the 1980 Manjimup 15000 was not the first time international motocross riders competed at Cosy Creek. 

Back in the early 1970s the Manjimup MCC hosted the second round of the International Motocross Series across Australia and New Zealand, with the first round traditionally held by the AJS Motorcycle Club at the Herne Hill Circuit on the outskirts of Perth.

Since then the club has played host to the Motocross of Nations (1992) and the World 125cc MX GP (1993).

In 2009 Dirt High Promotions took over the running of the event in partnership with the Manjimup Motorcycle Club as it had not been run for a couple of years.  

Since then, the Manjimup 15000 has gone from strength to strength to again provide the largest one-day motocross event in Australia.

Like most events, the Manjimup 15000 was not held in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In 2019, WA rider Regan Duffy – at just sixteen years of age – became the youngest winner in the events’ history.  Queenslander Todd Waters won the most recent event in 2022.

Manjimup 15000 sign

Past Manjimup 15000 winners

Manjimup 15000 winners board

Photo gallery

Photos by Peter Kitchingman, except where indicated

Neville Cutts at Manjimup

Hometown hero Neville Cutts from Manjimup

1980 Manjimup 15000 - Graeme Smythe (2) leads the pack into the first corner

Graeme Smythe (2) leads the pack into the first corner in the very first Manjmup 15000 in 1980

1980 Manjimup 15000 Neville Cutts with Roger Harvey (UK)

1980 Manjimup 15000 winner Roger Harvey (UK) with local Manjmup rider Neville Cutts

1992 Motocross des Nations - Jason Marshall Australia

Jason Marshall at the 1992 MX of Nations  at Cosy Creek.  Marshall won the  Manjimup 15000 this year an in 1994

1992 Motocross des Nations - Dale Britton Australia

WA Local rider Dale Britton also  at the 1992 Motocross of Nations, won the Manjimup 15000 in 1993

Jay Marmont and John Broomfield (Paul's Dad at Manjimup)
2010 Manjimup 15000 winner Brad Anderson (60, UK) wins the race to turn one (by Brett Morgan Photography)
In 2019 Regan Duffy (Center) became the youngest winner in Manjimup 15,000 history at age 16

Jay Marmont won the Manjimup 15000 three times (in 2003, ’07 & 11), paying tribute to the Paul Broomfield who won the event in 2004.

2010 Manjimup 15000 winner Brad Anderson (UK) wins the start (Photo: Brett Morgan Photography)

In 2019 Regan Duffy (Center) became the youngest winner in Manjimup 15,000 history at age 16

Past Manjimup 15000 winners

Todd Waters 2022 Manjimup 15000 winner

Queenslander Todd Waters – 2022 Manjimup 15000 winner

2024 Jed Beaton
2013 Not held
2022 Todd Waters
2021 Luke Clout
2020 Not held
2019 Regan Duffy
2018 Dean Ferris
2017 Kirk Gibbs
2016 Todd Waters
2015 Kirk Gibbs
2014 Kirk Gibbs
2013 Todd Waters
2012 Brad Anderson (UK)
2011 Jay Marmont
2010 Brad Anderson (UK)
2009 Matt Moss
2008 ?
2007 Jay Marmont
2006 ?
2005 Tim Weigand
2004 Paul Broomfield
2003 Jay Marmont

2002 ?
2001 Andrew McFarlane
2000 Not held
1999 Andrew McFarlane
1998 Lee Hogan
1997 Craig Anderson
1996 Jeff Leisk
1995 Eddie Warren (USA)
1994 Jason Marshall
1993 Dale Britton
1992 Jason Marshall
1991 Rob Herring (UK)
1990 Craig Dack
1989 Glen Bell
1988 Craig Dack
1987 Craig Dack
1986 Jimmy Ellis (USA)
1985 Jeff Leisk
1984 Jeff Leisk
1983 Daryl Willoughby
1981/82 Not held
1980 Roger Harvey (UK)

Video gallery

1984 Manjimup 15000 

1984 Manjimup 15000  – Sidecars

1989 Manjimup 15000 – SBS Special

2010 Manjimup 15000 – SBS Special

2017 Manjimup 15000 – Fabry Productions

2019 Manjimup 15000 – 50/50 productions

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