McFarlane 2005 Runner-up MX2 World Champion

McFarlane 2005 Runner-up MX2 World Champion

McFarlane Runner-up World MX2 Champion

2005 Andew McFarlane - Winner of the Matchams Grand Prix in Great Britain on 6 June
2005 Andew McFarlane winning European Grand Prix at Teutschental Germany on 15 May
2005 Andew McFarlane on podium after winning European Grand Prix at Teutschental Germany on 15 May with Italian riders Davide Guarneri and Alessio Chiodi

Photos:  [Left] Queensland motocross rider Andrew McFarlane (Yamaha) acknowledges the spectators as he wins the British MX2 Grand Prix at Matchams on 6 June 2005 and led the World Championship;  [Centre] In action at European round at Teutschenthal in Germany; and [Right] the presentation ceremony.

McFarlane crowned Runner-up World MX2 Champion in Northern Ireland

On 17 September 2005, the late Andrew McFarlane from Queensland confirmed his second place position for Yamaha in the 2005 MX2 Motocross World Championship when he captured fourth place overall at Desert Martin in Northern Ireland at the final round of the 2005 FIM series.

McFarlane created history that day becoming the first Australian to podium in the World MX2 Championship and third Australian to podium in any class – joining two other legends of the sport Jeff Leisk (WA, 1989 500cc) and Chad Reed (NSW, 2001 250cc).

All three riders were runner-up World Motocross Champions in their respective classes, with no Australian yet to win that elusive World Motocross Championship.

In 2005, “Sharky” as he was nicknamed, became Australia’s most successful motocross racer in the World Championships with four overall Grand Prix wins – his first in Italy in 2004 and three in 2005 – in Belgium, Germany and Great Britain.

Leisk won three Grand Prix events in 1989 (in Finland and San Marino) and 1990 (France), with Reed winning one at Leirop in The Netherlands on 2 September 2001, before launching his incredible racing career in the United States where he would go on to become the first Australian motocross rider to win a World Supercross Championship.

After great results, but inconsistent performances in the opening two rounds of the 2005 season, riding with the Rinaldi Yamaha Team McFarlane went on to podium 13 times during the season, with three overall Grand Prix victories.

McFarlane’s first Grand Prix victory in 2005 was at Namur in Belgium on 8 May, finishing 2-3 to finish one point ahead of Moto 2 winner Stephen Sword (GB, Kawasaki 5-1 ) and four points ahead of Belgium Yamaha rider Cedric Melotte (4 -3).

McFarlane leads World Championship

2005 Andrew McFarlane wins British Grand Prix

Photo: Andrew McFarlane celebrating his Round 6 British Grand Prix victory on 6 June 2005, where he extended his lead in the World MX2  Motocross Championship.

After this Grand Prix win, McFarlane lead the World Championship and extended his lead on 15 May 2005 the following week in Teutschental, Germany.

Yamaha made it a clean sweep with McFarlane finishing on 45 points after winning the first moto and coming third in the second. He finished ahead of Italian riders Davide Guarneri (7-1, 39pts) – who won the second moto – and Alessio Chiodi (3-5, 38pts) who finished both motos in the top 5.

Round 5 was McFarlane’s first Grand Prix moto win of the season and second overall victory.  In Round 7 on 6 June, in front of 34,000 spectators, McFarlane would go on to create history at the British Grand Prix – becoming the first Australian to win four GPs, overtaking Jeff Leisk’s achievement in 1989, where he won three GPs and went on to finish second in the World 500cc Championship.

That day McFarlane finished on 47 points, winning Moto 2 after coming second to British KTM Rider Karl Nunn in Moto 1. KTM factory rider David Philippaerts was second overall with two third placings and third place went to 16-year-old French rider Christophe Pourcel from the Freeman Kawasaki team (10-2).

McFarlane becomes R-up World Champion, then departs to America

Andrew McFarlane was now in the best form of his career and was now in a great position to become Australia’s first World Motocross Champion – extending his lead in the World MX2 Championship.

But eventual World Champion Italian Yamaha rider Antonio Cairoli hit a purple patch during the latter part of the season, taking overall victory in rounds 12 to 14, notching up 13 moto wins during the year.

In the final round at Desert Martin in Northern Ireland, McFarlane secured his MX2 runner-up title battling to seventh and eleventh positions on a very rough and technical sandy terrain. He posted enough points to finish on 518 points to beat team-mate Alessio Chiodi for the second overall position (504 pts) behind fellow Yamaha rider Antonio Cairoli and the newly crowned World Champion (567 pts).

After capping off his most successful season in Europe, Andrew McFarlane announced his departure to ride for the American Yamaha of Troy team in 2006.

Andew McFarlane won three MX2 Grand Prix events in 2005 to finish second in the World Championship

Photo: Andrew McFarlane won three MX2 Grand Prix events in 2005 to finish second in the World Championship

World MX2 Motocross Results and Final Standings - Desert Martin, Northern Ireland (17 September 2005)

Andrew McFarlane - Shares a Grand Prix victory with his wife Natalie

Photo: Andrew McFarlane and his wife Natalie celebrating his first World Motocross Championship MX2 Grand Prix win in Italy in 2004.

Final Round Placings – Northern Ireland

  1. Tyla Rattray ZA, KTM 2-1 (47 points)
  2. Marc De Reuver NL, KTM 1-3 (45)
  3. Aigar Leok EE, KTM 7-2 (37)
  4. Alessio Chiodi IT, Yamaha 12-7 (25)
  5. Andrew McFarlane AU, Yamaha 8-12 (24)
    Billy Mackenzie GB, Yamaha 9-11 (24)
    Mike Alessi US, KTM 3-17 (24)
    Jeff Alessi US, KTM 5-14 (24)

Final MX2 World MX2 Championship Points

1. Antonio Cairoli – Italy, Yamaha (567 points)
2. Andre McFarlane – Australia, Yamaha (518)
3. Alessio Chiodi – Italy, Yamaha (504)
4. David Philippaerts – Italy, KTM (468)
5. Christophe Pourcel – France, Kawasaki (372)

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