Melton wins Australian and Pan Pacific Supercross Titles

Melton wins Australian and Pan Pacific Supercross Titles

Melton wins Australian and Pan Pacific Supercross Series

1992 Peter Melton Kawasaki - Australian 250cc Supercross and Pan Pacific Champion
1992 Peter Melton Kawasaki - Australian 250cc Supercross Champion
Peter Melton 1991 Osaka Supercross 125cc Kawasaki

Photos:  [Left and centre] Peter Melton in action on his Kawasaki 250cc machine during 1992, which was a breakthrough year for the  Australian motocross legend, and [Right] Melton hams it up for the camera a year earlier at the Osaka Supercross meeting in Japan, where his rode in the 125cc class.

Melton clinches maiden Supercross titles in 1992

On 28 November 1992, the late Peter Melton was crowned the Australian 250cc Supercross Champion.

The Queenslander clinched his first National supercross title aboard his Kawasaki machine at the final round in Melbourne after leading the series for most of the year.

It was a defining moment for Melton as the year before he was on the verge of his maiden National supercross title – in this same event. But he failed to win it by one point, with NSW rider Craig Dack claiming the crown.

1992 was a big year for “Reggie”, as he was known to his mates, winning two major Supercross titles! 

That year he was Australia’s official representative in the FIM’s (International motor cycling controlling body’s) Pan Pacific Supercross series for 125cc machines.

Melton went on to win this international title as well, clinching the final round in Indonesia on 19 December.  He also narrowly led this series throughout over New Zealander Shayne King, with rounds also in Japan, Australia (Perth), New Zealand, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Other Australians to contest rounds in the 1992 series included Glen Bell, Troy Dorrin and a young emerging talent – Kim Ashkenazi, who won the second round in New Zealand and went on to win all Australian outdoor motocross titles that year.

The FIM established the Pan Pacific Supercross series in the nineties to give Asian riders more competitions and marketable events and the opportunity to compete in other regions.  In 1994, a round was even held in Michigan (United States) and understandably, the Americans cleaned up at this event with Aussies Cameron Taylor and Melton finishing in eighth and tenth, respectively.

Between 2002 to 2013 the series morphed into the FIM Asian Motocross Supercross Championships and was restricted to riders from the Asian Region.

1992 was the year that teenager Anthony Gobert exploded on the Australian Supercross scene – winning the Australian Supercross Masters and most major supercross events that year, except Round 4 of the Queensland Supercross Championships in Darwin when Melton took the honors.  With Gobert switching to road racing, Melton would dominate the sport, successfully defending his Pan Pacific 125cc title in 1993.  

Melton went on to win three Australian Supercross Championships, plus the Australian Supercross Masters Series, three Australian Motocross Championships and more than ten State Queensland titles.

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