Mister Motocross Series 1975

Mister Motocross Series 1975

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Gary Flood snatches Mr. Motocross title in final race

1975 Mr Motocross Gary Flood - Photo by Kevin Brown
1975 Mr Motocross - Per Klitland (4) leads Gary Flood (2) and Mike Landman (45)

Photos: [left] Victorian Gary Flood (Bultaco) won the second Mister Motocross series on  31 August 1975 at Amaroo Park in New South Wales  in a thrilling  finish with Dane Per Klitland, [right]  Klitland (Yamaha, 4) leads Flood (2) and Mike Landman (Vic, Yamaha, 45) in one of the earlier rounds. 

Another Flood wins Mr. MX, but Klitland wins the crowd

Due to the success of the inaugural Mister Motocross (Mr. MX) series in 1974, promoter Vince Tesoriero continued the series in 1975.

With the associated media coverage from the events, the South Australian-based Golden Breed clothing company increased its sponsorship to an amazing amount of $10,000 that year.

Once again, the series would be held over three rounds – all at Amaroo Park in New South Wales. But this year there was one significant change – the three six-lap dashes per round were increased to four.

The series also became more of a national and international event, with Rick Gill (WA) and Lester Rowley (SA) competing the whole series, as well as three New Zealanders – Peter Ploen, Brian Martin and Les O’Brien.

Two European expatriates from New South Wales were also competing – Swede Hans Applegren and Per Klitland from Denmark, who finished fourth in the inaugural series aboard a Husqvarna with Trevor Flood the inaugural winner on a Yamaha.

Switching to a 360 Yamaha in 1975, Klitland – the golden haired Dane – looked set to make a clean sweep of the series up until five weeks before the final.  An injured shoulder hampered his chances, but he declared himself fit for this ride, which Gary Flood dominated on a Bultaco Pursang – beating Klitland for the overall series in a thrilling finish.


Klitland won the opening round on 8 June 1975 in convincing fashion ahead of Gary Flood and Kiwi Peter Ploen (Suzuki 400). He finished on 76 points, 10 points ahead of Flood on 66. Ploen scored 42 points in third, ahead of Mike Landman in fourth (VIC, Yamaha, 36) and the reigning Mr. MX Trevor Flood in fifth (VIC, Yamaha, 26) who had a bad start to the series.

It was at this round that a young rider just out of minibikes cleaned up the C-grade races in fine style – Stephen Gall – who was invited by Tesoriero to compete in the next round .

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1975 Gary Flood Mr Motocross winner with Molly Blue promotional girl

1975 Gary Flood Mr Motocross winner with Molly Blue promotional girl – a racing performance lubricant.

Klitland continues on his winning way in Round 2

1975 Round 2 Mr Motocross winner Per Klitland with Molly Blue promotional girl

Round 2 winner Klitland

Round 2 on 13 July saw Per Klitland continue on his winning way (66pts), easily accounting for Gary Flood who finished in third place (52) behind young Victorian Star Mike Landman in second (54) on a Yamaha.   

Ploen finished in fourth overall – two points behind Flood on 50 points – with Suzuki rider Geoff Worrell (NSW) in fifth on 34 points.

Stephen Gall finished in the Top 10 on the day, scoring 15 points and easily justifying the recent decision to upgrade him.

After two rounds, the overall Top 3 positions remained the same with Klitland (142 points) increasing his lead to 24 points ahead of Flood (118) and 50 ahead of Ploen (92).

Molly Blue performance lubricants advertisement

[Left]: Molly Blue advertisement – the company was a major sponsor of the Mr. MX series; and  [right] Riders lining up for the 1975 Mr MX final at Amaroo Park  (left to right) – 22  Peter Collier,  3 Anthony Gunter, 23 Stephen Gall, 39 Peter Brack, 12 Jack Pengelly, 35 Geoff Worell (By Peter Kitchingman)

Round 3 and final Amaroo Park showdown

Heading into the third and final round at Amaroo Park on 31 August, it was pretty obvious that something drastic would have to happen to stop the popular Dane Per Klitland from winning the series.

His shoulder had healed more or less completely after he wrenched it five weeks earlier, so there was no problem there. And although Gary Flood had been riding well, he was no match for Klitland at Amaroo Park in the opening two rounds.  

But when the two Flood brothers positioned themselves on either side of Klitland on the start line for the race, he must have sensed that he would be in for a battle!

As soon as the rubber bands were released to start the race, Klitland got himself out of shape and went sideways into Trevor Flood. They didn’t crash, but Gary won the holeshot and was off in the distance leaving Klitland and Trevor Flood to battle it out in fourth and fifth.

Gary Flood won the opening race ahead of Ploen with Klitland in third, after Trevor Flood’s engine stopped. Gary also won the second race, riding perfectly to win the first two races, with Klitland making several mistakes – which was in stark contrast to his earlier rounds. But on this occasion, Klitland finished a close second to Flood with Mike Landman in third.

Flood was slowly bridging the points Gap on Klitland, but with two races remaining, the Swede still had the advantage. But in the third race, Flood dominated again and Klitland was only able to manage third after a tight tussle with Western Australian Graeme Smythe who finished second.

Smythe was riding the latest Husqvarna – a Heikki Mikkola replica – which sold well after the Fin won the 1974 world title. 

Klitland was not happy with Smythe getting his way, given he didn’t compete in the whole series and was not in the championship race. Smythe’s decision to contest this final round was to get noticed and earn a potential sponsorship for the following season, which he well and truly achieved on both fronts.

With his three wins from three starts on the day, Gary Flood had gradually whittled down Klitland’s lead to just eight points.  After 11 races, the final would be the decider – with the result becoming evident just seconds after the start. 

Klitland was brought down in a first-lap pile-up, with Gary Flood at the front of the field avoiding the mayhem. The Dane restarted the race in 17th place and stormed through the field, but finished outside the points – enabling Gary to win the series after he finished second to Smythe. 

Klitland could only manage 11th and ended up losing the series he led all year by just eight points.  Flood finished on 194 points, Klitland on 186, Landman on 140 in third, with Ploen (122), and Worrel (85) rounding out the top 5.

1975 was the first and only time during the history of the Mr. MX series that a European bike won – in the hands of Gary Flood – keeping the trophy in the family with his brother Trevor winning the inaugural event the year before.

But, despite the loss, Klitland was the crowd favourite and after the final race of the season he returned to the pits with the biggest ovation. Maybe because he was the underdog, but many fans left the track that day disappointed with the final result even though Gary Flood was a deserved winner.

1975 Mr MX Bernie Ryan leads Klitland

Bernie Ryan (9) leads Per Klitland (4) in the final round at Amaroo Park

1975 Mr MX Flood Gary Flood leads Brian Martin

Gary Flood (Vic, Bultaco) leads New Zealander Brian Martin (Maico)

1975 Mr MX Graeme Smythe won the final race of the year

WA rider Graeme Smythe won the final race of the year on a Husqvarna

1975 Mister Motocross Photo gallery

1975 Gary Flood Mr Motocross winner working on his Bultaco

The winning bike – 1975 Gary Flood Mr Motocross winner working on his Bultaco Pursang

1975 Mr MX start - Amaroo Park - John Kittle, Peter Ploen, Gary Flood, Graeme Smythe, Klitland and Landman

Mike Landman (45) leads Peter Ploen (8) Gary Flood (2) and Per Klitland (4) while Smythe (2) takes the outside line to  take the lead in the final race (By Steve Griffen)

1977 Hans Applegren, Husqvarna - by Peter Kitchingman

Swedish expatriate Hans Applegren aboard a Husqvarna (By Peter Kitchingman)

1975 Mister Motocross Final Overall Points

Photo:  Series winner Gary Flood (Victoria,  Bultaco)

Gary Flood 1975 Mister Motocross winner

1. Gary Flood (Bultaco, VIC, 194 points)
2. Per Klitland (Denmark, Yamaha, 186)
3. Mike Landman (VIC, Yamaha, 140)
4. Peter Ploen (NZ, Suzuki, 122)
5. Geoff Worrel (NSW, Suzuki, 85)


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