Motocross Champion Andrew Bailey

Motocross Champion Andrew Bailey

Queensland Motocross Champion Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey QLD No.1 Motocross Champion
Andrew Bailey Australian Championships Tivoli QLD 1976
Andrew Bailey motocross presentation

Photos: [Clockwise from top RHS]  Andrew Bailey with  prestigious Queensland No.1 Plate after winning the State 500cc Championship in 1977 aboard a Yamaha;  a year earlier,  Andrew was the R-up 1976 Australian 125cc Champion at Tivoli (QLD ) riding a Honda, and  on the winners podium (far right) in 1980 after switching to Yamahas four years earlier (Photos on this page  by courtesy Robin Bailey)

Andrew Bailey - one of our first full-time professional racers

Andrew Bailey became a top National motocross rider in a career that spanned 10 years, starting in mini bikes, then progressing to a professional full-time racer – one of the first Australians to achieve this in the late 1970s.

He won and placed in multiple State Victorian, New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Motocross Championships, as well as short-circuit titles.

Andrew’s father George was instrumental in his early racing days, hotting up his SL70 and Minitrail for the Minibike rallies, which, in 1972 were held at Wallan and attracted huge rider entries.

Then in 1973, George tuned a Honda SL100 that enabled Andrew to be competitive when he moved up into the Sub Junior ranks (for 14 to 16 year olds), before the Honda CR125 bikes hit the showroom floors.

When the CR came out George specifically coached Andrew for short circuit racing and he won the Victorian Sub Junior Titles on this bike in 1973 at Seymour after a hard-fought battle with Ron Dinsdale.

Andrew rode the CR Honda again in 1974 at Nagambie, coming second this year to Dinsdale in the Victorian Sub Junior Motocross titles and the Junior Grand National at Christmas Hills.

The move from Victoria to Queensland

When Andrew was 16, the family moved to Queensland and he took on an apprenticeship with Gympie Honda, who received stock from the Queensland Honda distributors and supplied Andrew with a CR-250 in 1975 and CR-125 in 1976.

In 1975 – his first year as a senior rider – Andrew won the Queensland 250cc short circuit title, the 250cc 3-hour short circuit race class at Maryborough and won many motocross races around Queensland with George mentoring and swinging the spanners.

In 1976, Andrew was second to Steve Cramer in the Sunshine State Motocross series after 6 rounds of intense battles at Tivoli near Ipswich Queensland.

That year he was also the Runner-up Australian 125cc Motocross Champion, finishing a close second to Steve Cramer after some exciting duals in the two 30-minute moto’s at Tivoli in Ipswich on 29 August.

Then a couple of weeks later, he was runner up to Peter Boyle in Rockhampton in the Queensland Motocross titles.

After moving to Brisbane at the start of 1977 and completing his apprenticeship with Don Newell Motorcycles Brisbane, Andrew won the 1978 Queensland 500cc Championship and was runner up in the Unlimited title.

This earnt him the prestigious Number 1 plate for Queensland for the 1979 season, riding Yamahas that year for Queensland distributor Annand & Thompson.

Andrew went professional the following year and rode Yamahas through to 1981.

He won the Queensland Unlimited Motocross title in 1980 and was the runner up Australian Champion at Dargle in New South Wales in both the 500cc and Unlimited classes.

Andrew Bailey as a junior

Brothers Andrew and Robin (right) at a scramble when they were growing up in Frankston, Victoria.

Young Andrew Bailey

When Andrew was 16, his family moved to from Frankston (VIC)  to Gympie (QLD)

Andrew Bailey - Two times Queensland Motocross Champion

Andrew  in action aboard his Yamaha Queensland

Racing motocross in the United States

Andrew Bailey Newspaper clipping

A newspaper article in 1980 before Andrew raced in the United States

Andrew went to America at the end of 1980 to compete in the Californian Golden State series, but unfortunately he dislocated both his ankles at his first practice session and continued to have problems with his ankles for the entire series.

Coming back to Australia he injured himself at the Sydney Supercross and was out for the year. Then in 1982 and back on a bike, he went over the bars with the bike landing on top of him

After these two bad accidents, one which almost paralysed him, and the loss of a very good friend in a racing incident, Andrew re-evaluated his racing career.

He decided to call an end to the sport that he had competed in since a child to focus on his business career.

Andrew established a motocross training school and was offered a partnership in the Queensland division of Farm life – a motorcycle accessories company – which is now known as Steve Cramer Products.

This Queensland branch of the company is now Pro Accessories Australia and is owned by Andrew and his business partner Greg Parker, which they is still run today from Coopers Plains in Queensland.

George Bailey's family at their motorcycle dealership in Frankston, Victoria
Andrew Bailey racing motocross at Christmas Hills
Andrew Bailey chasing Peter Benson at Dargle NSW at the 1980 Australian Championships

[L-R] Andrew Bailey (centre) with mum Glad and dad George at their motorcycle shop in Frankston (VIC) with siblings Amanda, Karen and Robin

Andrew Bailey (No. 94) getting ready for the start of a race at the historic Christmas Hills scrambles circuit in Victoria

Andrew Bailey (Yamaha) chasing Peter Benson (WA, Maico) at Dargle NSW in the 1980 Australian Championships – 500cc class

Andrew Bailey's key career highlights

Between 1979-80, Andrew Bailey rode Yamahas for Gaythorne Yamaha, through Queensland distributor Annand and Thompson

Between 1979-80, Andrew Bailey rode Yamahas for Gaythorne Yamaha, through Queensland distributor Annand and Thompson

Australian Motocross Championships

Runner up Australian 125cc Motocross Champion (Tivoli, QLD)

Runner-up Australian 500cc Champion (Dargle, NSW)
Runner-up Australian Unlimited Champion

Other achievements

2nd Junior Grand National Xmas Hills

2nd Sub Junior Victorian Motocross Championship

2nd Sunstate Motocross Series 125cc Class 

Queensland Motocross Championships

Runner up Queensland 125cc Champion

2nd Queensland 250cc Championship
3rd Queensland 500cc Championship

Queensland 500cc Champion
3rd Queensland Unlimited Championship

2nd Queensland 125cc 
3rd Queensland 500cc Championship

Queensland Unlimited Motocross Champion
2nd Queensland 125cc Championship

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  1. Thanks John, I love the way you present the histories. I’m finding out things about Andrews career that I never knew before. However the photo of the two boys together in front of the red car is actually from R to L. Andrew and Richard Easterbrook one of the young mini bike racers at the time. Mrs Easterbrook in the background supplying lunch.

    Glad Bailey

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