Motocross Champion Barry Buckley

Motocross Champion Barry Buckley

Australian Motocross Champion Barry Buckley

Barry Buckley with David Ahola
1977 Barry Buckley and Chris Harris Australian Sidecar Champions
1979 Australian Championships Wanneroo - Sidecars - David Wells-Trevor Thompson and Barry Buckley-Russell Elmi

Photos: [Top]  South Australian sidecar ace Barry Buckley teamed up with David Ahola between 1982 to 1984, winning the ’82 Australian Junior  title  at Toowoomba (QLD) on a Yamaha WASP; [top right] In 1977 Buckley won the title with Chris Harris on a CCM WASP;  and [bottom right]  Buckley won back-to-back titles in 1981-82 with Russell Elmi, pictured here at the 1979 Australian Championships at Wanneroo (WA) behind David Wells and Trevor Thompson (SA)

Buckley - Australia's greatest Junior sidecar racer

South Australian sidecar ace Barry Buckley is Australia’s most successful Junior sidecar racer – based on the top three overall results in each class at the Australian Championships between 1953 and 2000.

Buckley, who won six Australian Junior Sidecar titles between 1973-1982, was the clear winner. He finished on top with 25 points – nine points ahead of another SA sidecar legend Murray Williams (16), who won four Junior titles between 1966 and 1972.

Victorians Bernard Mueller and Robert Duke finished equal third on nine points, winning three Championships in the eighties. They tied with fellow Victorian George Murphy, who won two titles in 1959-60 and earlier placed at the country’s first two National titles in ‘53 and ‘54.

At first, the Junior Sidecar class was for machines up to 750cc capacity, which was reduced to 650cc in the seventies, then 500cc in the eighties when the lightweight two-stroke machines were dominant.

Buckley won three successive Junior titles between 1980 to 1982 with passengers Russell Elmi (1980-81) and David Ahola (1982). He took out his first Junior title in 1973 with Randy Harris in the chair, then won the 1977 title with Randy’s younger brother Chris.

Incredibly, Buckley finished eleven times on the winner’s podium in this class alone, finishing third at Wallan in 1972 on a Jawa with Randy Harris.  After winning his first Australian Championship on a Jawa at Wallan (NSW) in 1973, Buckley briefly switched to a CCM engine before his successful move to Yamahas, later adding this engine to a British WASP chassis.  

Sponsored by Pitmans Yamaha, Buckley won back-to-back Junior Sidecar Championships with Chris Harris at Acusa Park (SA, 1977) and Russell Elmi  at Broadford (VIC, 1978).

All Junior Sidecar Championships were held between 1953 to 1990, on one day, with Victorians Trevor Anthony – Mark Weir winning the last event at the Monza Park Circuit, in Ballarat, Victoria.

Buckley's Junior Sidecar

Barry Buckley Australian Sidecar Champion- Portrait

1972  3rd, with Randy Harris (SA, Jawa)
1973  1st with Randy Harris (SA, Jawa)
1976  2nd with Chris Harris (SA, CCM Wasp)
1977  1st with Chris Harris (SA, CCM Wasp)
1978  1st with Russell Elmi (SA, Yamaha Wasp)
1979  3rd with Russell Elmi (SA, Yamaha Wasp)
1980  1st with Russell Elmi (SA, Yamaha Wasp)
1981  1st with Russell Elmi (SA, Yamaha Wasp)
1982  1st with David Ahola (SA, Yamaha Wasp)
1983  3rd with David Ahola (SA, Yamaha Wasp)
1984  2nd with David Ahola (SA, Yamaha Wasp)

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