Motocross Champion Porter

Australian Motocross Champion Jono Porter

Top Australian MX, SX and FMX competitor Jono Porter - Photo by Peter Coward
Australian Supercross and Freestyle champion Jono Porter Suzuki - signing autographs
Jono Porter, winner of the winning the Melbourne Supercross Masters in 2002

Photos: The late Jono Porter (QLD, Suzuki) being interviewed by John Cobby at a supercross event  on the east coast in the early 2000s (By Peter Coward); and [right] Porter is action, in 1992 he took out the prestigious Melbourne Supercross Masters.

Tribute to Jono Porter - one of Australia's top MX, SX and FMX competitors and pioneers

AMX History pays tribute to the late Jono Porter – one of Australia’s top motocross, supercross and freestyle motocross riders in the early 2000’s.  R.I.P. Jono (12-5-1981 to 9-6-2004).

The Queensland rider died in a racing accident on 9 June 2004 at the Australian Motocross Championships in Coolum, Queensland. He crashed while leading the pack and was run over by riders behind him and died of multiple injuries.

Jono was born in Biloela in Queensland on May 12, 1981 and later moved to Gladstone.  He was an Australian 80cc Australian Motocross Champion in 1994, going on to become one of Australia’s top motocross and supercross riders in senior ranks – winning the Melbourne Supercross Masters in 2002.

A factory Suzuki Australia rider, Jono later formed his own motocross team and company, JPI Industries.  He was a natural racer and excelled in all branches of the sport and was a pioneer of Freestyle Motocross (FMX) in Australia – winning the 2002 Planet X Games. 

Jono held world records for distance jumping and was the first Australian to perform a backflip on a motocross bike in an Australian FMX competition.

He was very popular and in his honor after his death ‘The Jono Porter Award’ was announced and is presented to the annual winner of the Australian FMX Title.  The Gladstone District Dirt Riders Club in Queensland, which he was a member of, established the annual Jono Porter race award with the road leading up to the Banarby Motocross track also named after him.

Photo and video gallery

Jono Porter was an Australian junior motocross champion in 1994
Jono Porter, early in his junior racing days
Jono Porter being interviewed by supercross promoter John Fenton

Photos: [left and centre] Jono Porter was an Australian junior motocross champion in 1994; and [right] being interviewed by  promoter John Fenton at a supercross event on the east coast (By Peter Coward).

Jono Porter Memorial Trophy - Gladstone District Dirt Riders Club

Photo and videos: [left] Tribute videos by FMX Australia (left) and KICKERfilm (right].

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