Motocross Champion Wayne Kearvell

Motocross Champion Wayne Kearvell

Australian Sidecarcross passenger Wayne Kearvell

Wayne Kearvell Australian Sidecar Champion - Passenger - High resolution

Photo: Riding for  Alf Goodwin (pictured here) and Murray Williams, sidecar passenger Wayne Kearvell scored more points in the Australian Junior Sidecar Championships than any other passenger.

Wayne Kearvell - Australia's greatest Junior sidecarcross passenger

Following the announcement of South Australian sidecar champion Barry Buckley being Australia’s most successful Junior sidecar racer,  passenger Wayne Kearvell has been announced as the country’s most successful passengers in this class, based on points throughout the Australian Championships.

Kearvell, from South Australia, was the winner on 11 points, by just one point over fellow croweaters Russell Elmi and Simon Chapman, who finished equal on 10.
Kearvell, who rode with multiple Australian Champions Alf Goodwin and Murray Williams, won three Junior Australian sidecar titles in a row between 1970 to 1972 – the first two with Goodwin.

With Goodwin’s retirement and the death of William’s passenger Des Rettig, who was tragically killed in a road accident, Kearvell coaxed Williams into racing again offering to swing for him.

Second place getter Russell Elmi swung for Barry Buckley throughout his entire career. Buckley and Elmi won three Australian Junior Sidecar Championships in 1978 (Broadford, VIC), 1980 (Dargle, NSW) and 1981 (Symmons Plains, TAS).

Simon Chapman was the 1985 Runner-up Australian 500cc Junior Champion with David Wells at Noble Falls in WA. He also finished on the winner’s podium three times with John Robinson (3rd Mackay QLD 1988, 2nd Acusa Park SA 1989, and 2nd Monza Park VIC 1990).

Four passengers tied for fourth placing on nine points – Herb Castle (SA, Murray Williams), Robert Duke (VIC, Bernard Mueller), Dennis Cook (VIC, Ken Adams), and Kim Demarte (VIC, Brian Stewart).



Tribute to Murray Williams and Wayne Kearvell - Australian Sidecar Champions

Passenger Wayne Kearvell  – Three-times Australian Sidecar Champion with Alf Goodwin (2) and Murray Williams

Australian Junior Sidecarcross Championships

Australian Champion – with Alf Goodwin(SA, Arab/ Jawa)

Australian Champion – with Alf Goodwin(SA, Arab/ Jawa)

Australian Champion – with Murray Williams (SA, Yamaha)

Runner-up Australian Champion – with Murray Williams (SA, Triumph)

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