Motocross Champions Goodwin-Kearvell

Motocross Champions Goodwin-Kearvell

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Australian Motocross Champions Goodwin-Kearvell

Alf Goodwin and Wayne Kearvell - 3 times Australian Sidecar Champions - High Res

Photos: SA sidecar champions Alf Goodwin and Wayne Kearvell won three Australian Sidecar titles on a Jawa, winning back-to-back Junior titles in 70-71.

Goodwin–Kearvell win three Australian Sidecar Championships over legend Williams

South Australian sidecar ace Alf Goodwin won three Australian Sidecar Championships with passenger Wayne Kearvell in the seventies, including the Junior/Unlimited double at Tivoli Park in Ipswich (QLD) on 23 August 1970.

Goodwin-Kearvell dominated the sidecars at the start of the seventies on an Arab-framed Jawa outfit, winning back-to-back Junior Australian Sidecar titles at Clarendon on 12 September 1971.

What’s amazing is that the pair beat Australian sidecar legend Murray Williams for these titles, who went on to win a record nine Australian motocross championships in the sidecar class.

And when Goodwin-Kearvell beat Williams, he was in top form having just won the Junior/Senior double at Collie in 1968 with Herb Castle in the chair to notch up four Australian Championships.

But possibly William’s slide during Goodwin’s reign highlighted the importance of teamwork in sidecar racing, with Williams changing his passenger three times in three years after Herb Castle retired from the sport – Michael Trevena (1969), R.Courtenay (1970) and his brother-in-law – the late Des Rettig (1971).

Goodwin-Kearvell absolutely blitzed the sidecar fields at the 1970 National Championships in Queensland, tearing away from the field at the start on their Jawa to easily win both classes.

While two-strokes such as Bultaco were tried in outfits around this time, so too were the larger four-stroke vertical twins which were to eventually take over the sidecar class in the late seventies and eighties, including the British Triumph and Norton engines.

Victorians Robert McDonough and Don Denver were second in the Unlimited and third in the Junior Sidecar classes on a Bultaco, respectively, with Williams – Courteney finishing third in the Unlimited on a Jawa.

View  Goodwin-Kearvell’s  win in the 1971 Australian Championships at Clarendon

Goodwin-Kearvell retain Junior crown at Clarendon

The 1971 Australian Championships were held at Clarendon in South Australia.  That was a historic event with all of the visiting international solo riders contesting the Australia-New Zealand International Motocross tour arriving early that year for the National event.

That year the sidecar Junior capacity limit was lowered lowered to 650cc (from 750cc).  But fortunately, none of the top competitors  were affected and Alf Goodwin retained his Junior crown from the similarly powered Jawa outfit of Murray Williams.

Goodwin-Kearvell won the Junior Sidecar Championship successfully defending their title in this class.  They were also on track to win back-to-back Junior and Unlimited Australian Sidecar Championships, but in the Unlimited class Goodwin retired with a bruised and swelled ankle, which he sustained earlier on the day.

Murray Williams and Des Rettig won this class, with Williams securing his fifth Australian sidecar title.

Due to the significance of the 1971 Australian Motocross Championships with the visiting international solo riders competing, the ABC televised the event, including Goodwin’s victory in the Junior Sidecar class. Check out the video above.

Goodwin-Kearvell's Key Achievements

Photo: Goodwin-Kearvell lead Barry Buckley-Randy Harris at Clarendon

1971 Australian Championships - Junior Sidecar start - Goodwin leads Buckley

Australian Junior Sidecar Champions (Jawa, Tivoli Park, QLD) 
Australian Unlimited Sidecar Champions (Jawa)

Australian Junior Sidecar Champions (Jawa, Clarendon, SA) 



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