Motocross des Nations 1986 Maggiora Italy

Motocross des Nations 1986 Maggiora Italy

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Maggiora Italy - the best Motocross des Nations of all time!

1986 Motocross des Nations, World Teams Event – maggiora, italy (20-21 September)
1986 Motocross of Nations - Australian team - Craig Dack - Maggiora, Italy
1986 Motocross of Nations - Australian team Italy - David Armstrong, Glen Bell, Craig Dack
Glen Bell 125cc Motocross des Nations

Photos: [Left] Craig Dack before his outstanding second place behind US Legend Ricky Johnson in the second 250cc moto at Maggiora in Italy; [Centre]  The Aussie team – the first to wear matching gear at the MXDN’s – David Armstong (4), Craig Dack (5) and Glen Bell (6); and [right] Bell  in action aboard his Marlborough Yamaha 125, where he finished  fifth overall in this class (Photos by courtesy: Craig Luksich)

Dack shines on debut at 1986 World Motocross teams event in Italy

Team USA left no doubt that it is the superior force in world class motocross competition by claiming the top spots in every moto at the 1986 Motocross des Nations, held near scenic Lake Maggiora in northern Italy.

An estimated crowd of 30,000 people jammed onto the Maggiora course to watch the prestigious World Championship event. 

Though partial to their own Italian riders, it was the Americans who most came to see.

And the US Team did not disappoint, having its most dominant win in the MXDNs!

According to motocross folklore, the 20-21 September 1986 event remains one of the best des Nations of all time where Team USA’s Johnny O’Mara, David Bailey and Ricky Johnson posted perfect 1-2 results in all three motos.

Bailey was first overall with two wins on a 500cc Honda, Johnson was second overall (250cc Honda) and O’Mara was third, an incredible performance – beating all the other countries on the smaller 125cc Honda machine.

In Moto 2, O’Mara diced up through the pack and then passed 500cc World Champion David Thorpe from Great Britain, who was riding a works 500cc Honda, to finish third behind his US team mates.

Maggiora was also the first time the Australian team stood out for two reasons.

In only his first attempt in the MXDNs, Craig Dack (NSW, Honda) finished second in 250cc class to US legend Rick Johnson in his second moto – finishing fourth overall in this class behind Johnson, Michele Rinaldi (Italy, Suzuki), and Jeremy Whatley (Great Britain, Cagiva).

And he could; well have finished higher, placing ninth in his first ride after breaking off his rear brake lever during the race.

But the Aussies also stood out because Team Australia all wore the same custom-made gear – designed around the country’s sporting colours – the green and gold.

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Video – 1986 MXdN’s in Maggiora, Italy

The Aussies start a new trend at the Motocross des Nations

Motocross of Nations Team Maggiora Italy - David Armstong, Craig Dack and Glen Bell
1986 Motocross of Nations - Australian team Italy - David Armstrong, Glen Bell, Craig Dack, with Stephen Gall and Len Williamson

In 1986 at Maggiora in Italy, the Australian Motocross des Nations team wore matching gear in National colours.

This was the first time this had been done and it set the precedent for MXdN riders wearing their national strip, although the Americans ran matching helmets at that time.

Mr Motocross promoter and Rat Racing owner supplied the Aussies with custom-made Go The Rat gear in 1986. Plus Monza Imports’ John Chiodo had organised Alpinestars to make special green and gold boots for the riders.

The Australian team that year was made up of MXdN debutante Craig Dack (Honda 250), David Armstrong (Honda 500) and Glen Bell (Yamaha 125).

Dack’s excellent performance helped Australia finish seventh overall, with Bell and Armstrong also performing admirably.

Bell finished fifth overall in the 125cc class with a 7-6 finish in his two motos, with Armstrong finishing eighth overall in the prestigious 500cc class (11-8).

Photo: David Thorpe UK (7) leads US riders David Bailey (1) and Jeff Ward 

Team USA's sixth win on the trot -it's best!

Team USA’s MXdN win marked the sixth consecutive year that the Americans have won the event, but never before has the team as a whole performed so flawlessly.

The American contingent, comprised of Honda teammates Rick Johnson, David Bailey and Johnny O’Mara was untouchable in each of the three 30-minute motos.

Two riders from each country rode in each moto and the final tally read Johnshon, O’Mara 1-2 in moto one; Bailey, O’Mara 1-2 in moto two; and Bailey, Johnson 1-2 in moto three.

Bailey on a 500 cc bike and 250cc mounted Johnson rode admirably, but Johnny O’Mara stole the show.  Riding his production 125 to the limits, he beat all the riders from the other countries who were on the larger 250 and 500cc machines, passing World Champion David Thorpe (Honda, UK) along the way.

Great Britain, Italy, Finland and Holland claimed second through to fifth overall, respectively.

1986 US MXDN team at Maggiora, Italy - Johnny O'Mara (125), Ricky Johnson (250) and David Bailey (500)

Photo: 1986 US MXDN team at Maggiora, Italy – Johnny O’Mara (125), Ricky Johnson (250) and David Bailey (500)

1986 MXDN Team Placings and Race results

Team Placings

1. USA (4)
2. Great Britain (10)
3. Italy (13)
4. Finland (14)
5. Holland (19)
6. Sweden (20)
7. Australia (23)
8. France (34)
9. France (34)
10. Czechoslovakia (35)

Moto 1

1. Rick Johnson (USA-250 Hon)
2. Johnny O’Mara (USA· 125 Hon)
3. Michele Rinaldo (ITA-250 Suz)
4. John Van den Berk (HOL-250 Yam)
5. Jeremy Whatley (GB-250 Cag)
6. Peter Hannson (SWE-250 Hus)
7. Pekka Vehkonen (FIN-250 Cag)
8. Arno Dreschsel (GER-250 Hon)
9. Craig Dack (AUS·250 Hon)
10. Zdenek Spacek (CZE-250 Kaw)

Moto 2

1. David Bailey (USA·500 Hon)
2. Johnny O’Mara (USA-125 Hon)
3. David Thorpe (GB-500 Hon)
4. Haken Carlqvist (SWE-500 Yam)
5. Jan Van Doorn (HOL·500 Hon)
6. Heinz Kinigadner (AUSTRIA-500 KTM)
7. Corrado Madd11 (ITA-500 Kaw)
8. Georges Jobe (BEL-500 Kaw)
9 Kurt LJungqvost (FIN-500 Yam)
10 Goovanno Cavatorta (SM-500 Hon)

Moto 3

1. Bailey
2. Johnson
3 Thorpe
4. Dack
5. Whatley
6. Rinaldi
7. LJungqvist
8. Soeren Mortensen (DEN-250 Yam)
9. Van Doorn
10. Cavatona.

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