Motocross des Nations 1992

Motocross des Nations 1992

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Team USA wins 12 MX des Nations in a row

1992 world motocross des nations, cosy creek, manjimup, western australia (5-6 september)
1992 MX des Nations Manjimup Western Australia
International riders flying high at the 1992 Motocross des Nations at the Cosy Creek Circuit, Manjimup, Western Australia (Photos: Peter Kitchingman)

The 1992 Motocross des Nations - Australia's biggest motocross event

Team USA’s domination of the Motocross des Nations was expected to come to an end in 1992 when the country’s two biggest motocross stars – Jeff Stanton and Damon Bradshaw – declined to ride.

All the pundits said the 11-year reign at the top was over for the Americans due to the entry of their “B Team” and the sandy Cosy Creek circuit at Manjimup, Western Australia.  

But a young trio of Americans – Jeff Emig, Mike LaRocco and Billy Liles – showed the world just how deep the talent pool in America had become.

1992 was the first time ever that the International team event was held in the southern hemisphere and only the second time outside of Europe, having been hosted at  Unadilla  in the US five years earlier

And Motorcycling WA and the Manjimup Motorcycle Club didn’t disappoint running a truly professional event attracting more than 20,000 spectators on Sunday, 6 September.

With America now dominating, England’s record of 15 total victories was now in sight.  

But it was felt that Cosy Creek would suit the Dutch and Belgium sand specialists who could possibly end the US team’s dream run. 

But although the Belgiums came close and had the fastest rider on the day, the US team held on to win narrowly by three points ahead of Belgium (12) and seven ahead of England (16) to make it twelve consecutive wins in this prestigious International teams event. 

Australia finished in sixth overall with local riders Jason Marshall (500cc Kawasaki) and Dale Britton (250cc Yamaha) finishing in the Top 15 in both of their motos. 

Marshall finished a creditable sixth in the 500cc class in the first moto and seventh in the second.  Britton finished 8 -6 in the 250s and Ashkenazi 10-9.

Due to the success of the meeting, Australian (Manjimup) was awarded the rights to host the 1993 World 125cc Motocross Grand Prix.

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Video – 2M trailer – 1992 MxDN Manjimup

Motocross des Nations - Race format

The first MXdNs was held in 1947 in Wassenaar, Holland. Although there have been minor changes over the years to its format – the initial formula has proved the right one providing a great spectacle over the years.  Each year three riders compete for their country on 125, 250 and 500cc machines. Prior to 1985, all riders rode only 500cc machines. Riders contest two races each and points are awarded to those who finish – 1 for first, 2 for second, and so on. Although three Motos are contested with two capacity classes competing at a time, points are individually allocated per capacity class. And the Nation with the lowest points is deemed the winner.

1992 Motocross Des Nations winners - USA, Belgium and Great Britain

1992 Motocross Des Nations winners – USA (centre), Belgium (left) and Great Britain.

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Billy Liles USA Honda 500

USA Team captain Billy Liles on his Honda 500cc at Cosy Creek, Manjimup

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Team USA Billy Liles 500, Mike La Rocco 250 and Jeff Emig 125

Team USA [L-R] Billy Liles, Jeff Emig and Mike La Rocco at the welcome ceremony.

Top performing teams and riders

Riding a Kawasaki 500, Billy Liles was the top US rider finishing second and third overall in his two motos.   Mike La Rocco on a Kawasaki 250 was close behind with a second and fourth placing.    But it was Jeff Emig’s special performance on his 125cc Yamaha, which really clinched the US team’s victory.  Up against the bigger 250 and 500cc machines he placed an incredible fifth and seventh, respectively, to be the best 125cc on the day.  

Belgium rider Marnicq Bervoets riding a 250 Yamaha was the standout rider on the day finishing first and second in his motos.  He helped steer Belgium to second overall.  Veteran and multi World Champion Georges Jobé  finished fourth and sixth in his two Motos on a Honda 500.  

Belgium 125cc rider Stefan Everts finished sixth on his Suzuki 125 up against the big 500 machines.  But their hopes faded when he finished outside the top 15 in his final moto.

British 500cc rider Kurt Nichol (KTM) finished third and first respectively to be the second best rider on the day behind Bevoets.  Riding a 250 Rob Herring’s third and eighth placings on his Honda guided England to third overall.

The 1992 results highlighted the changing fortunes of the top nations.  As Motocross was invented by the British, it was only fitting that they would dominate the early stages of the MXdN.  But forty years down the track the sport has been perfected by the Americans.  

The US team won their 12th MXdN in a row and were within sights of Great Britain’s 15 total wins. The Americans now (as at 2020) have 22 Total wins 22, with the British stuck on 16,  have only won one more MXdN – in 1994.  

Belgium ended US domination in the nineties winning in 1995, 1997 and 1998. However, the US bounced back to win seven in a row between 2005 to 2011.  But in recent years it has been the French who have dominated the MXdN winning five in a row between 2014 to 2018.

Without doubt the 1992 MXdN was the biggest and most successful motocross event ever staged in Australia.  

Those who attended will remember this event for life and witnessing World Champion Jean Michel Bayle’s last motocross race before he turned to road racing in 1993.  Frenchman Bayle was a two-time World Motocross Champion who also competed in the United States in 1991, becoming the first rider to win all three major AMA motocross championships in the same year (Supercross, 250cc and 500cc).

Race video and and program

Video – Three motos – 1992 Motocross des Nations,
produced by Motorcycling WA and the ABC.

1992 Motocross des Nations photo gallery

By Peter Kitchingman

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Cosy Creek startline

Riders getting ready to start their moto at the Cosy Creek circuit in Manjimup

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Miroslav Kucirek Czechoslavakia Yamaha 250

Czechoslavakian rider Miroslav Kucirek passes Jim’s Jump on his Yamaha 250

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Rob Herring Great Britain Honda 250

Multiple British Champion Rob Herring leads the 125/250 Moto on his Honda 250

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Team Holland Edwin Eversten 500, Pedro Tragter 250 and Remy Van Rees 125

Team Holland Edwin Eversten 500, Pedro Tragter 250 and Remy Van Rees 125

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Team Australia Dale Britton 250

Local rider Dale Britton finished in the Top 15 in both motos on his Yamaha 250 

1992 Motocross Des Nations - Team Australia Jason Marshall 500, Kim Ashkenazi 125 and Dale Britton 250

Team Australia Jason Marshall 500, Kim Ashkenazi 125 and Dale Britton 250

Race results

Motocross des Nations - Australian Team 1992

[L-R] Team Australia Jason Marshall 500, Dale Britton 250 and Kim Ashkenazi 125 

Team Placings
1. USA 9
2. Belgium 12
3. Great-Britain 16
4. France 17
5. Sweden 22
6. Australia 36
7. Netherlands 37
8. Denmark 38

9. Austria 51
10. New Zealand 53
11. Estonia 57
12. Ireland 57
13. Switzerland 61
14. Czech Republic 61
15. Germany
16. South Africa

Race 1 (125/500)
1. Jean-Michel Bayle (France/Honda 500)
2. Billy Liles (USA/Kawasaki 500)
3. Kurt Nicoll (Great Britain/KTM 500)
4. Georges Jobé (Belgium/Honda 500)
5. Jeff Emig (USA/Yamaha125)
6. Stefan Everts (Belgium/Suzuki 125)
7. Jorgensen (Denmark/Husqvarna 500)
8. Remy Van Rees (NL/Kawasaki 125)
9. Marshall (Australia/Kawasaki 500)
10. Hanson (Sweden/Kawasaki 500)
11. Karlsson (Sweden/Kawasaki 125)
12. Pit Beirer (Germany/Suzuki 125)
13. James Dobb (GB/Yamaha 125)
14. Murray Smith (SA/Kawasaki 500)
15. Frederic Bolley (France/Yamaha 125)

Race 2 (125/250)
1. Marnicq Bervoets (Bel./Yamaha 250)
2. Mike La Rocco (USA/Kawasaki 250)
3. Rob Herring (GB/Honda 250)
4. Peter Johansson (Sweden/Yam 250)
5. Remy Van Rees (NL/Kawasaki 125)
6. Ditmar Lacher (Germany/Suzuki 250)
7. Jeff Emig (USA/Yamaha 125)
8. Yves Demaria (France/Suzuki 250)
9. Karlsson (Sweden/Kawasaki 125)
10. Frederic Bolley (France/Yamaha 125)
11. Caprani (Denmark/Kawasaki 250)
12. Britton (Australia/Yamaha 250)
13. James Dobb (GB/Yamaha 125)
14. Pit Beirer (Germany/Suzuki 125)
15. Daryl Atkins (NZ/Honda 125)

Race 3 (250/500)
1. Kurt Nicoll (Great Britain/KTM 500)
2. Marnicq Bervoets (Bel./Yamaha 250)
3. Billy Liles (USA/Kawasaki 500)
4. Mike La Rocco (USA/Kawasaki 250)
5. Jean-Michel Bayle (France/Honda 500)
6. Georges Jobé (Belgium/Honda 500)
7. Yves Demaria (France/Suzuki 250)
8. Rob Herring (Great Britain/Honda 250)
9. Edwin Evertsen (NL/Kawasaki 500)
10. Johansson (Sweden/Yamaha 250)
11. Hansson (Sweden/Kawasaki 500)
12. Marshall (Australia/Kawasaki 500)
13. Darryl King (NZ/Kawasaki 500)
14. Britton (Australia/Yamaha 250)
15. Hewartson (Sth Africa/Yamaha 250)

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