Motocross Legend Noyce

Motocross Legend Noyce

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Motocross Legend Noyce

1979 World Motocross Champion Graham Noyce UK
1983 International Motocross featuring World Champions Hakan Carlqvist and Graham Noyce 30 October 1983 at Penrith NSW

Photos: [Left]  Graham Noyce (UK) wins the 1979 World Motocross Championship aboard a Honda; [right] the 1983 Penrith Supercross program.

Tribute to World Motocross Champion Graham Noyce, who raced here in 1983

World Motocross Champion Graham Noyce – who grew up in Fair Oak, Hampshire, England – was born on 18 February 1957.

The 1979 World 500cc Motocross Champion, who rode to victory aboard a Honda, competed in Australia in 1983.

Noyce was joined by two other world motocross champions – the late Hakan Carlqvist (Sweden) and Yamaha team member Danny LaPorte (US).

The 1983 International Motocross tour included an outdoor motocross at Broadford (VIC) on 23 October 1983, then moved onto two Supercross events – in Penrith (NSW) and Fremantle (WA). Carlqvist won at Broadford and Laporte won both Supercross events.

Noyce competed at the Penrith Supercross event on 29 October 1983 up against the likes of newly crowned Australian Mr. Motocross Ray Vandenberg (VIC), four-times Mr. Motocross Stephen Gall (NSW), Jeff Leisk (WA), Vaughan Style (NSW), Glen Bell and Robert ‘Beatle’ Bailey (NSW).

Noyce continues his involvement in the sport competing in vintage motocross events in the United Kingdom.

In 2007 he won the over 50 races at Polesworth and in July 2019 competed at the Vets Motocross des Nations at the ‘Field of Dreams’ at Farleigh Castle.

That year commemorated the 40th anniversary of Graham Noyce’s 500cc World title victory, following a 15-year hiatus for the British since Jeff Smith clinched back-to-back victories in 1964 and 1965.

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