Motocross Legend Trevor Flood

Motocross Legend Trevor Flood

Australian Motocross Legend Trevor Flood

1979 King of the Cross - Trevor Flood
Australian Motocross Legend Trevor Flood
Trevor Flood five times Australian Motocross Champion

Victorian rider Trevor Flood – Five-times Australian Motocross Champion and the first Mr Motocross Series winner (Southern Cross photo by Peter Kitchingman)

Trevor Flood - a naturally talented motocross champion

In the 1970s, Victorian motocross rider Trevor Flood won five Australian Motocross Championships and the inaugural Mr Motocross series in 1974.

At the time, the late Flood – the younger brother of another Australian motocross legend Gary – was rated as one of the most naturally talented riders ever to ride in Australia.

Trevor’s long list of racing achievements include twice winning the Trans Tasman Challenge (Australia vs New Zealand series) in 1973 and 1974 and twice winning the Duke of Edinburgh award for winning the All Powers (Unlimited) Australian Motocross Championship in 1974 at Manjimup (WA) and in Tivoli (QLD) in 1976.

At a State level, Flood won more than ten motocross championships, plus short circuit, grass track, road-racing and even go-karting titles.

Sadly Trevor passed away recently on 17 April 2021, losing his long battle with Illness at age 68.

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Five-times Australian Motocross Champion

Famous Flood Family - father Bert and sons Gary and Trevor

Famous Flood Family – Trevor  (far right) with father Bert and brother Gary, who was also a Motocross star

1973 Trevor Flood on his way to winning the Australian 500cc Championship at Foster Park, Mulbring on a Yamaha

Trevor Flood on his way to winning the Australian 500cc Championship at Foster Park, Mulbring on a Yamaha

Trevor won his first Australian title in 1972 at home in Wallan, Victoria. He was almost unbeatable in his home state that year and attempted to take out all of the Australian titles – and he nearly succeeded – winning the 250 and 500cc classes on a Bultaco.

In the 125cc class Flood took an early lead, but bottomed the forks of his Mk V Pursang and went over the handlebars.

In 1973 Flood switched to the a new Japanese Yamaha, being signed up by Milledge Yamaha in June. He rode a pair of limited supply works replica YZ250 and YZ360 machines and a special 125 machine, which arrived in time for the Australian titles.

Milledge was rewarded almost immediately with Flood winning the Australian 500cc title at Foster Park, near Newcastle on June 24.

This win was surrounded by controversy as the gearbox on his Yamaha YZ360 blew when he was leading the Unlimited All Powers heat race.

Between races he changed the motor and officials initially excluded him for “changing bikes” and gave the 500cc title to Maico-mounted Jack Pengelly. A week later it was ruled that Flood had not changed bikes and he was given the title again.

1974 was Flood’s most successful year. That year he won the inaugural Mr Motocross series, the Australian All Powers (Unlimited) Championship at Manjimup, WA and the coveted Duke of Edinburgh award, finishing second to his brother Gary in the 250cc Championship. He also won the Trans Tasman Challenge, successfully defending his 1973 title.

At the Manjimup Australian Championships Trevor Flood (1) and his brother Gary (2) won three out of the five Australian Championships on offer with New Zealander Brian Martin (Honda) winning the 125cc class and WA rider Graeme Green (Maico) winning the 350s, the last time this class was held.

Trevor, like most of the top Australian riders, missed out on a Championship in 1975. That was the year when newly crowned World 125cc Motocross Champion Gaston Rahier from Belgium took out three Australian titles in Tasmania – with a host of other Factory Suzuki riders, plus other internationals, competing down under.

The following year on 29 August 1976 at Tivoli in Queensland, Flood again won the Australian All Powers crown and Duke of Edinburgh Award – winning his fifth title on a Maico.

Flood didn’t place at the 1977 National titles at Acusa Park, SA but finished on the winners podium in 1978 at home in Broadford, coming second in the 125cc class behind Mike Landman.

Milledge-Motocraft teamsters, Landman and Flood gave everyone a preview of the YZ125F at the Championships when they raced the only two in the country to first and second. That race was Flood’s last major placing at the Australian Motocross Championships.

Flood in action - Photo gallery

Trevor Flood Unlimited Australian Champion

Flood won his first two Australian Motocross titles in 1972 at Wallan (VIC)  on Bultaco machines

1974 Trevor Flood Australian Championships Manjimup

Flood’s first Australian Motocross Championship on a Yamaha came at Foster Park (NSW) in 1973

Trevor Flood in action

Flood in action in his home State of Victoria.  He was the country’s first Mr Motocross winner

1978 King of the Cross - Trevor Flood

In 1978, Flood in the King of the Cross at Southern Cross, a remote mining town in WA

Life after motocross

After retiring from motocross racing in 1979, Trevor opened Gasit Motorcycles, a Yamaha and Suzuki dealership in Scoresby, Victoria.

He also set up Gasit Imports becoming the Australian importer for SIDI boots and Beta motorcycles, and later on White Power Suspension, and he returned to the motocross scene as a team owner – setting up Trevor Flood Racing (TFR).

He also had a successful stint at road racing, riding a couple of two-stroke racing a two-stroke Suzuki RGB 500 GP bike and a Yamaha TZ 750 GP – claiming several victories on these machines.

Between 1970 and 1978 Trevor Flood won and incredible 24 Australian and State Championships, including motocross, go-karting and road racing.

RIP 4.2.1953 to 17.4.2021

Flood won the Unlimited Australian Championship and Duke of Edinburg Award in 1974 at Manjimup

Flood was runner up to Stephen Gall (NSW) in the 1978 Mr Motocross series on the east coast

Flood  contested the 1979 King of the Cross International event at Southern Cross (WA)

Trevor Flood's key career highlights

Trevor Flood's 1974 Mr MX trophy

Vic All Powers- Junior Champion

Vic All Powers- Champion
Vic All Powers- Over 300 Champion

Vic 125cc- Vice Champion
Vic 250cc Champion
Vic Over 300 Champion
Vic All Powers-Expert Champion
Australian 250cc Champion (Bultaco, Wallan, VIC)
Australian 500cc Champion (Bultaco)

Vic 125cc- Champion
Vic Over 300 Champion
Vic All Powers-Expert Champion
2nd Australian 125cc Championship (Yamaha, Mulbring, NSW)
Australian 500cc Champion (Yamaha, Mulbring, NSW)
Vic 350 Grass Track Champion
Winner of Trans Tasman Challenge (Australia vs New Zealand)

Inaugural Mr Motocross winner
Australian All Powers Champion – and Duke of Edinburgh Award winner (Yamaha, Manjimup, WA)
2nd Australian 250cc Championship (Yamaha)
Winner of Trans Tasman Challenge (Australia vs New Zealand)

Vic Short Circuit Champion

Australian All Powers-Champion – and Duke of Edinburgh Award winner (Maico, Tivoli QLD)

Vic 500 cc Champion
Vic Road Race Kart (250)

Runner-up Mr Motocross
2nd Australian 125cc Championship (Broadford, VIC)
Vic 125cc Champion
Vic 500cc Champion

Vic Unlimited Road Race Championship.

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