Mister Motocross Series 1977

Mister Motocross Series 1977

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Mister Motocross series extends to New Zealand

1977 MISTER MX SERIES - Auckland (NZ), Tivolli (QLD), Wallan (VIC), Clarendon (SA), Noble Falls (WA), Amaroo (NSW)
1977 Mr Motocross - Ivan Miller
1977 Mr Motocross Final Round - Anthony Gunter wins ahead of Stephen Gall
Mr Motocross Poster – 1977 – Series includes Zealand

Photos: [Left to right] New Zealand  motocross champion Ivan Miller (Suzuki) led the 1977 Mister Motocross series after two rounds;  Anthony Gunter (Suzuki, 1)  created history to be the first rider to win the series twice, with Stephen Gall (Yamaha, 23) in second; and an advertisement  for the new international series (Most photos by Peter Kitchingman).

Gunter fights back after NZ injury to win second Mr MX title

Following the success of Mister Motocross (Mr. MX) in 1976, the series really blossomed in 1977 with good backing, a big budget and the lion’s share of the publicity.

For the first time, the Australian national motocross series became international and included Auckland (NZ) and two other rounds were added – Tivolli (QLD) and Noble Falls (WA).

New Zealand hosted the opening round on 20 March 1977, followed by Tivolli, Wallan (VIC), Clarendon (SA), Noble Falls, with the final at Amaroo Park (NSW) on 11 September.

The series bought the Kiwis into the fray for the first time too, with Suzuki rider Ivan Miller fighting a long battle with New South Wales riders Stephen Gall (Yamaha) and Anthony Gunter (Suzuki) for the title.

Miller convincingly won the opening round at Auckland, winning all three motos – with the local riders completely dominating the event, including Gary Goodfellow (Suzuki) and Peter Boyle (Suzuki), who later immigrated to Australia.

Stephen Gall was the highest placed Australian, just squeezing into the Top 10.

Auckland was a disastrous start to the season for reigning Mr. MX champion Anthony Gunter after crashing heavily and seriously injuring his leg to finish without any points on the day. 

But ‘Grunt’, as he was nicknamed, displayed his fighting ability and after several months of physiotherapy, was ready to defend his title at the second round in Queensland.

Miller continued his fine form at Tivoli (QLD) and led the series after two rounds. But then it was his turn for bad luck, with the Kiwi Champion breaking his leg in round 3 at Wallan in Victoria.

This enabled Gunter and Gall to bridge the points gap on Miller and, heading into the final round at Amaroo Park, the series victory was still wide open to these three riders with four motos to be held and 60 points up for grabs.

Gall was the overall winner on the day with three wins and a second, but a win and three second placings was enough for Gunter to win the overall series.

Gunter finished on 191 points, ahead of Gall (179) who just pipped Miller for second by two points (177). Gary Goodfellow (NZ, Suzuki, 90) was fourth ahead of Ron Dinsdale (VIC, Montesa, 76) in fifth. 

In 1977, Anthony Gunter created history becoming the first rider to win back-to-back Mr. MX series and more than one title.

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1977 Mr Motocross Anthony Gunter injured at opening round in Auckland New Zealand

Reigning Mr MX Champ Anthony Gunter was injured in Round 1 at Auckland, New Zealand and was pointless on the day, but recovered to win back-to-back titles.

1977 Mister Motocross Photo gallery

Mr Motocross Poster 1977

1977 Pepsi – Golden Breed Mister Motocross promotional poster

Anthony Gunter leads Gall down the back straight of Sydney’s Amaroo Park MX track with Kiwi rider, Ivan Miller, in hot pursuit

Anthony Gunter (1) leads  Stephen Gall  (23) down the back straight of Sydney’s Amaroo Park  motocross track with Kiwi rider, Ivan Miller (0), in hot pursuit

1977 Stephen Gall - Myers Motocross team

Gall won the Final Amaroo round to pip Miller for overall second 

1977 Mister Motocross Final Overall Points

Photo: Back-to-back Mister Motocross Champion Anthony Gunter (NSW, Suzuki)

Anthony Gunter Mr Motocross 1976 and 1977 - Portrait

1. Anthony Gunter (NSW, Suzuki, 191 points
2. Stephen Gall (NSW, Yamaha, 179)
3. Ivan Miller (NZ, Suzuki, 177)
4. Gary Goodfellow (NZ, Suzuki, 90)
5. Ron Dinsdale (VIC, Montesa, 76).

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