New Zealand beats Australia in 1977 Trans Tasman Motocross Test

New Zealand beats Australia in 1977 Trans Tasman Motocross Test

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New Zealand beats Australia in 1977 Trans Tasman Motocross Test

Trans Tasman Test, Gowers Farm, Gordonton, New Zealand - Australia versus NZ (23-24 October 1977)
1977 Trans Tasman Series - New Zealand rider - Ivan Miller (Centre) with other Kiwis
1977 Hans Appelgren at the 125cc NSW champs held at Karma Gutza in Canberra ACT
1977 Australian Peter Kalen in action (By Peter Kitchingman)

Photos: [Left]  Members of the 1977 Trans Tasman Series winning team, New Zealand – Ivan Miller (Centre, Suzuki) led his country to victory over the Aussies with Moss Smith, Peter Ploen, Phil Turnbull and Laurie Love;  [Top right]  Australian Swedish expatriate Hans Appelgren on his Husqvarna; and [Bottom right]  Australian Peter Kalen in action  (Australian riders by Peter Kitchingman)

Miller leads Kiwi to victory in 1977 Trans Tasman Motocross Test

On 23/24 October 1977, motocross legend Ivan Miller lead his country to a convincing victory over Australia in the Australia New Zealand Motocross Test at Hamilton in New Zealand.

Riding a Suzuki, Miller won all motos in New Zealand, with the Kiwis finishing on 887 points to soundly beat the Australians on 608 points.

During the 1970’s tests were regularly held between Australia and New Zealand, although the name of these events changed from year to year with the 1977 event run by the Hamilton Motor Cycle Club at Gordonton in Hamilton called the Australasian Challenge.  Some were called the Trans Tasman Series and others the ANZ Motocross Test.

The 1977 Australian team consisted of South Australians Dave Fullston (Husqvarna 390), Darryl Willoughby (Honda 125), Lester Rowley (CCM 500), Greg Cameron (Yamaha 400) and Danny Riley (Yamaha 400) and Victorians Trevor Flood (Yamaha 400), Mike Landman (Yamaha 400), Jack Pengelly (Maico 400), Ron Dinsdale (Montesa 360), Peter Kalen (Husqvarna 390), Hans Applegren (Husqvarna 390) and Geoff Ballard (Maico 400).

Australia’s top riders at the time Anthony Gunter and Stephen Gall were unable to represent their country due to prior commitments, but given the dominance of the Kiwis it was unlikely that they would have made any difference that year.

The New Zealand riders had to qualify for the New Zealand Monday Labour Day holiday on the Sunday, with these top riders making the cut: Ivan Miller, Peter Ploen, Vic Reeter, Gary Goodfellow, Frank White, Gary Whittaker, Wayne Addy, Moss Smith, Phil Turnbull and Laurie Love and two others.

Despite the defeat, the Australian team enjoyed the event and vowed to return and beat the Kiwi’s, which they did the following year in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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The 1977 ANZ Test National Teams

1977 Australian New Zealand motocross test - L Rowley, R Dinsdale, G Ballard, J Pengelly, T Flood, M Landman, H Appelgren, G Cameron, D Willoughby and D Reilly

Photo:  Australian  team 1977 Australian New Zealand motocross test  – Lester Rowley, Ron Dinsdale, Geoff Ballard, Jack Pengelly, Trevor Flood, Mike Landman, Hans Appelgren, Greg Cameron, Darryl  Willoughby, Danny Reilly and team manager Ian Palmer.

Australian Team

  • Dave Fullston (Husqvarna 390)
  • Darryl Willoughby (Honda 125)
  • Lester Rowley (CCM 500)
  • Greg Cameron (Yamaha 400)
  • Danny Riley (Yamaha 400)
  • Trevor Flood (Yamaha 400)
  • Mike Landman (Yamaha 400)
  • Jack Pengelly (Maico 400)
  • Ron Dinsdale (Montesa 360)
  • Peter Kalen (Husqvarna 390)
  • Hans Applegren (Husqvarna 390)
  • Geoff Ballard (Maico 400).

New Zealand Team

  • Ivan Miller (Suzuki)
  • Peter Ploen (Kawasaki)
  • Vic Reeter
  • Gary Goodfellow (Honda)
  • Frank White (Husqvarna)
  • Gary Whittaker
  • Wayne Addy 
  • Moss Smith
  • Phil Turnbull
  • Laurie Love, 
    and two others.

Race video

McLaren Archive – 1977 Australia versus New Zealand Trans Tasman Motocross Test

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