Penrite AMX Pro Motocross Championship Results 2022 Round 3 Wodonga

Penrite AMX Pro Motocross Championship Results 2022 Round 3 Wodonga

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2022 Penrite ProMX Motocross Championships

Round 3 Wodonga, VICTORIA (1 May)

2022 Penrite AMX Pro - Round 3 Wodonga MX1 Dean Ferris, Honda

Photo: Penrite ProMX  Championship – Thor MX1 round three winner Dean Ferris (Honda) at Wodonga in Victoria (By courtesy ProMX Photographer)

Ferris wins MX1 class at Wondonga and Waters leads series after red plate winners drop out

The THOR MX1 Australian Motocross Championship series for 2022 was thrown wide open heading into Round 3 at Wodonga in Victoria with the first two round Red Plate holders out with injury.

Both Round 1 and 2 series leaders – CDR Yamaha Monster Energy’s Luke Clout and HRC Honda Racing Australia’s Kyle Webster – both exited the Championship prior to round three with Clout, the reigning Australian MX1 Champion, injuring himself in round 2 without scoring any points.

Then during the week, the current series leader Webster had an accident – breaking his left foot and right ankle when his engine failed – and will have surgery in coming weeks.

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HRC Honda Racing Australia’s Dean Ferris – the 2016 and 2017 Australian MX1 Champion – won both motos at Wodonga to move into third place overall. He is now close behind the new series leaders Husqvarna Racing Australia’s Todd Waters and Aaron Tanti, who finished second and third on the day behind Ferris.

Ferris won the holeshot and lead the opening lap in Moto 1, with Kirk Gibbs (KTM) and Aaron Tanti (Yamaha) falling and having to rejoin the race from the back of the pack.  Ferris and Waters dualed for the lead throughout the race with GO24 KTM’s Brett Metcalfe close behind, with the three veterans opening up a big break on the rest of the field.

Waters passed Ferris around the half-way mark, but Ferris took back the lead towards the end of the race in the exact same spot on the circuit. The final lap was an epic battle with only seconds separating the top three riders with Ferris holding on to get the chequered flag first ahead of Waters in 2nd, Brett Metcalfe in 3rd, with GAS GAS Australia’s Hayden Mellross in fourth. Aaron Tanti finished a well-deserved fifth storming through the field after recovering from his first lap fall.

Mixing things up, back-to-back races were held in the THOR MX1 championship to decide the second moto – the first for the season.

Ferris took the first race win starting brilliantly to again win the holeshot ahead of Metcalfe, Tanti and Gibbs. This time Todd Waters crashed in the first turn.
The front race order stayed the same for most of the race until Metcalfe crashed just past the first turn, letting Tanti and Gibbs to move forward into second at the chequered flag behind Ferris. Waters made up tremendous ground on the field after his first turn crash to place fifth.

Ferris won his third holeshot in the second back-to-back race in moto 2. But in this race Aaron Tanti got past the veteran to lead throughout. But with only a lap to go, Ferris passed Tanti back to win all races on the day ahead of with Tanti in 2nd, Waters in 3rd, Metcalfe 4th and Mellross in 5th.

With Dean Ferris scoring maximum points in Round 3, he moved into third overall in the Championship on 107 points behind the new Red Plate holder Waters (118), with Tanti in second (117), just one point of the lead.

Round 3 - MX1 Results

THOR MX1 Moto 1 Results:
1 Dean FERRIS Honda, 2 Todd WATERS Husqvarna, 3 Brett METCALFE KTM, 4 Hayden MELLROSS GasGas, 5 Aaron TANTI Yamaha, 6 Kirk GIBBS KTM, 7 Joel EVANS Honda, 8 Matt MOSS KTM, 9 Joel WIGHTMAN Yamaha, 10 Jayden RYKERS Kawasaki.

THOR MX1 Moto 2 Results:
1 Dean FERRIS Honda, 2 Aaron TANTI Yamaha, 3 Todd WATERS Husqvarna, 4 Brett METCALFE KTM, 5 Joel WIGHTMAN Yamaha, 6 Joel EVANS Honda, 7 Jayden RYKERS Kawasaki, 8 Dylan WOOD KTM, 9 Hayden MELLROSS GasGas, 10 Zachary WATSON Honda.

THOR MX1 Overall Results (Top 10):
1 Dean FERRIS Honda 25 25 (50), 2 Todd WATERS Husqvarna 22 20 (42), 3 Aaron TANTI Yamaha 16 22 (38), 4 Brett METCALFE KTM 20 18 (38), 5 Hayden MELLROSS GasGas 18 12 (30), 6 Joel EVANS Honda 13 15 (28), 7 Joel WIGHTMAN Yamaha 11 16 (27), 8Jayden RYKERS Kawasaki 10 14 (24), 9 Kirk GIBBS KTM 14 9 (23), 10 Dylan WOOD KTM 9 13 (22)

MX1 Overall standings

Photo:  New Thor MX1 series leader Todd Waters (Husqvarna) in action at Wodonga in Victoria 

2022 Penrite AMX Pro - Round 3 Wodonga MX1 Todd Waters, Husqvarna

1 Todd WATERS Husqvarna, 118 points
2 Aaron TANTI Yamaha, 117
3 Dean FERRIS Honda, 107
4 Brett METCALFE KTM, 103
5 Kirk GIBBS KTM, 90
6 Kyle WEBSTER Honda, 85
7 Jayden RYKERS Kawasaki, 77
8 Hayden MELLROSS GasGas, 77
9 Joel EVANS Honda, 69
10 Joben BALDWIN Honda, 58

Malkiewicz claims first MX2 career win

In the Pirelli MX2 class, Serco Yamaha’s Bailey Malkiewicz ended the series leader Wilson Todd’s unbeaten streak of four moto wins in a row.  

Todd – the Team HRC Honda Factory Racing rider and dual Australian MX2 champion (2019 and 2020) – uncharacteristically crashed in the first moto while leading and had to be content with fourth in this moto, which was won by Malkiewicz.  Todd rebounded to win the second moto, with Malkiewicz taking the round win after finishing in third – just two points ahead of Todd.

Todd led the first moto early after passing Husqvarna Australia’s Dylan Wills who won the holeshot. Serco Yamaha’s Jesse Dobson was in second place and on lap Todd crashed while attempting to pass him.  As it turned out, the battle for the podium places was now between three Yamaha riders – Rhys Budd (Yamalube), Malkiewicz and Ryder Kingsford (WBR Bulk Nutrients).  

But it was Malkiewicz who took the chequered flag first ahead of Ryder Kingsford and Rhys Budd. Todd charged from 14th back to 4th with Liam Andrews (Honda) in 5th.  Midway through this moto Jesse Dobson crashed out and dislocated his shoulder. He recovered to start the second moto, but was way back in the field and slipped from 4th to 7th in the overall standings.

Determined to make amends for his first moto blemish, Wilson Todd won the holeshot in Moto 2 and went on to win this moto after a brief battle at the start with GAS GAS Australia’s Noah Ferguson.

Bailey Malkiewicz and Alex Larwood battled for second place with Larwood eventually pulling away. At the chequered flag, Larwood took 2nd ahead of Malkiewicz in 3rd ahead of Liam Andrews (Ride Red Honda) and Ferguson.

With 1-3 Moto scores, Malkiewicz claimed his first career MX2 round win on 45 points, just two points ahead of Todd (43) in 2nd and Ryder Kingsford in 3rd (37).
Despite his first moto fall, Todd is still the series leader – 25 points ahead of Malkiewicz in 2nd with Larwood a further 8 points behind in 3rd.


Round 3 - MX2 Results

Pirelli MX2 Moto 1 Results:
1 Bailey MALKIEWICZ Yamaha, 2 Ryder KINGSFORD Yamaha, 3 Rhys BUDD Yamaha, 4 Wilson TODD Honda, 5 Liam ANDREWS Honda, 6 Noah FERGUSON GasGas, 7 Haruki YOKOYAMA Kawasaki, 8 Jai CONSTANTINOU Kawasaki, 9 Jayce COSFORD Yamaha, 10 Dylan WILLS Husqvarna.

Pirelli MX2 Moto 2 Results:
1 Wilson TODD Honda, 2 Alex LARWOOD Yamaha, 3 Bailey MALKIEWICZ Yamaha, 4 Liam ANDREWS Honda, 5 Noah FERGUSON GasGas, 6 Ryder KINGSFORD Yamaha, 7 Jai CONSTANTINOU Kawasaki, 8 Dylan WILLS Husqvarna, 9 Levi ROGERS Yamaha, 10 Rhys BUDD Yamaha.

Pirelli MX2 Overall Results (Top 10):
1 Bailey MALKIEWICZ Yamaha 25 20 (45), 2 Wilson TODD Honda 18 25 (43), 3 Ryder KINGSFORD Yamaha 22 15 (37), 4 Liam ANDREWS Honda 16 18 (34), 5 Noah FERGUSON GasGas 15 16 (31), 6 Rhys BUDD Yamaha 20 11 (31), 7 Jai CONSTANTINOU Kawasaki 13 14 (27), 8 Alex LARWOOD Yamaha 4 22 (26), 9 Dylan WILLS Husqvarna 11 13 (24), 10 Jayce COSFORD Yamaha 12 9 (21).



MX2 Overall standings

Photo: 2022 Penrite AMX Pro – Round 3 MX2 winner Bailey Malkiewicz  (Yamaha) at Wodonga

2022 Penrite AMX Pro - Round 3 Wodonga MX2 Bailey Malkiewicz Yamaha

1 Wilson TODD Honda, 143
2 Bailey MALKIEWICZ Yamaha, 118
3 Alex LARWOOD Yamaha, 110
4 Rhys BUDD Yamaha, 89
5 Ryder KINGSFORD Yamaha, 83
6 Dylan WILLS Husqvarna, 83
7 Jesse DOBSON Yamaha, 77
8 Liam ANDREWS Honda, 73
9 Noah FERGUSON GasGas, 68
10 Jai CONSTANTINOU Kawasaki, 68

Williams wins round 3 at Wodonga on a countback

HRC Honda Racing Australia’s Cambell Williams tied with Ryan Alexanderon (KTM 1-2) on points in Round 3 at Wodonga in the Maxxis MX3 development class for 14-18 year-old aspiring champions. Williams was awarded the round win on a countback system after winning moto 2, with both riders extending their points lead in the MX3 series

Yamaha rider Cooper Holroyd won the holeshot in Moto 1 and led until the half-way mark in the race – until he was passed by Alexanderson. Williams and Jack Mather (Husqvarna) were close behind mounted in tow. Alexanderson held on to win ahead of Williams in 2nd and Mather in 3rd.

New South Wales rider Connor Towill won the holeshot in moto 2 and lead for the first half of the race – when Williams made his move.
After a slow start, charged through the field and challenged Williams for the lead in an epic last lap battle, but had to settle for 2nd ahead of Jack Mather in 3rd.

Round 2 winner Kayden Minear (WA. KTM) finished 6-9 on the day and is in overall third in the MX3 series behind Williams and Alexanderon.

MX3 Results

MAXXIS MX3 Moto 1 Results:
1 Ryan ALEXANDERSON KTM, 2 Cambell WILLIAMS Honda, 3 Jack MATHER Husqvarna, 4 Byron DENNIS GasGas, 5 Kayden MINEAR KTM, 6 Thynan KEAN Honda, 7 Cooper HOLROYD Yamaha, 8 Myles GILMORE Yamaha, 9 Ryley FITZPATRICK GasGas, 10 Jet ALSOP KTM.

MAXXIS MX3 Moto 2 Results:
1 Cambell WILLIAMS Honda, 2 Ryan ALEXANDERSON KTM, 3 Jack MATHER Husqvarna, 4 Connor TOWILL KTM, 5 Byron DENNIS GasGas, 6 Myles GILMORE Yamaha, 7 Thynan KEAN Honda, 8 Liam OWENS Husqvarna, 9 Kayden MINEAR KTM, 10 Cooper HOLROYD Yamaha.

MAXXIS MX3 Overall Results (Top 10):
1 Cambell WILLIAMS Honda 22 25 (47), 2 Ryan ALEXANDERSON KTM 25 22 (47), 3 Jack MATHER Husqvarna 20 20 (40), 4 Byron DENNIS GasGas 18 16 (34), 5 Thynan KEAN Honda 15 14 (29), 6 Myles GILMORE Yamaha 13 15 (28), 7 Kayden MINEAR KTM 16 12 (28), 8 Connor TOWILL KTM 9 18 (27), 9 Cooper HOLROYD Yamaha 14 11 (25), 10 Liam OWENS Husqvarna 8 13 (21).




MX3 Overall standings

Photo: 2022 Penrite AMX Pro – Cambell Williams (Honda) leads the MX3 series after three rounds.

2022 Penrite AMX Pro - Round 3 Wodonga MX3 Cambell Williams Honda

1 Cambell WILLIAMS Honda, 135
3 Kayden MINEAR KTM, 110
4 Byron DENNIS GasGas, 99
5 Jack MATHER Husqvarna, 95
6 Jet ALSOP KTM, 80
7 Myles GILMORE Yamaha, 78
8 Thynan KEAN Honda, 74
9 Brock FLYNN Husqvarna, 60
10 Connor TOWILL KTM, 57

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EZILIFT MXW is over three rounds


MXW Overall standings

Photo: 2022 Penrite AMX Pro – Round 1 Ezilift MXW Round 1 winner Charli Cannon (QLD Yamaha)

2022 Penrite AMX Pro - Round 1 MXW Charli Cannon QLD Yamaha - Charli Cannon Round 1 winner

1 Charli CANNON Yamaha, 50 points
2 Emma MILESEVIC Honda, 44
3 Madison BROWN Yamaha, 40
4 Taylah McCUTCHEON Yamaha, 36
5 Madison HEALEY Honda, 30
6 Danielle FOOT Husqvarna, 30
7 Amie ROBERTS Yamaha, 30
9 Tanesha HARNETT Honda, 24
10 Holli GEEVES Yamaha, 19

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