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Tasmanian Motocross Clubs

Tasmanian Motocross Clubs

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History of Tasmanian motocross clubs

The Tasmania Motor Cycle  Club was formed in 1905 – the year this Harley Davidson motor bike was released

1975-77 Gaston Rahier 125cc World Motocross Champion in Australia

In 1975, reigning World 125cc Champion Gaston Rahier and a troupe of international riders contested the Australian Titles in Tasmania

1981 Australian Motocross Championships Simmons Plains Tasmania - Program Cover

The 1981 Australian Motocross Championships were held at Symmons Plains, Launceston in  Tasmania

Motorcycle races have been run by local clubs across Australia for over 100 years. 

During and after World War One there was a rapid development of motorcycles.  By 1923, motorcycles on the road were common and several clubs started to emerge.

Originally, clubs across the country were confined to one make of motorcycle, like the A.J.S. Motor Cycle Clubs in WA and Victoria.  But in Tasmania it became the norm to name clubs after areas or towns (eg. Launceston), or districts (Coastal).

Tasmania boasts one of the oldest continuously operating motorcycle clubs in the world.

The Tasmanian Motor Cycle Club (TMCC) was formed in association with the Tasmanian Automobile Club in 1905.

Before the formation of Motorcycling Tasmania (formerly Auto Cycle Union of Tasmania), the TMCC was the main promoting body for motorcycle events in Tasmania.

With no purpose-built circuits before the 1950s, hill climbing and beach racing (at Bakers Beach and Seven Mile Beach) were the most popular forms of competition.

Tasmania hosted its first Australian Motocross Championships at Evansdale, Launceston on 18 May 1958.

Since then, Tasmania has regularly hosted Australian Championships and rounds under the National series, running successful events at Devonport (1964 and 1969), Sanford (1975), Symmons Plains (1981) and Smithton (1987).

At Sanford in in 1975, reigning World 125cc Motocross Champion Gaston Rahier (Belgium) competed here.  Fresh from winning Suzuki’s first World Championship, he toured down under with a troupe of international riders to promote the latest Japanese lightweight motocross machines, bring much publicity to the Apple Isle.

During the years of 1999, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 the Coastal Motocross Club conducted a round of the National Championships, being voted the best round of the series by competitors  in 2002 and 2003.

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Historic Tasmania motocross club circuits and events

Circular Head

Circuits: Briant Park, Smithton

Photo: Craig Dack (NSW) won both the 250cc and 500cc classes at the 1987 Australian Motocross Championships in Smithon, Tasmania

1987 Craig Dack Australian 250 and 500cc Champion Smithton Tasmania


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Circuits: Symmons Plains, Launceston

Photo: 250cc Australian Motocross Champion Stephen Gall (NSW) at the 1981 Championships at Symmons Plains in Launceston, Tasmania

Stephen Gall retained his Australian 250cc title at Symmons Plains in Tasmania in 1981

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