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Australia's top sidecarcross riders

This section is a library listing Australian and State sidecarcross champions, with links to interesting stories and videos on each.

The Australian Motocross History website was established in 2020 to preserve Australian motocross history for fans to enjoy now and pass onto future generations.

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Australian and State sidecarcross Champions

Riders in alphabetic order
1977 Barry Buckley and Chris Harris Australian Sidecar Champions

South Australian sidecar champion Barry Buckley won eight  Australian Motocross Championships in the seventies and eighties, winning five Junior and three Unlimited sidecar titles.  Throughout his career, Buckley finished on the winner’s podium 18 times in the Australian Championships with these passengers: Randy Harris (1971-74), Chris Harris (75-77), Russell Elmi (78-81),  and David Ahola (82-85).

Goodwin, Alf
Alf Goodwin and Wayne Kearvell - 3 times Australian Sidecar Champions

South Australian sidecar champion Alf Goodwin won three Australian Motocross Championships in the early seventies with Wayne Kearvell in the chair.  They won the sidecar double (Junior/Unlimited) at at Tivoli Park in Ipswich (QLD) on 23 August 1970.  Then they successfully retained their Junior Australian Sidecar crown at Clarendon on 12 September 1971.

Williams, Murray
Murray Williams Australian Sidecar Legend - Headshot

South Australian sidecar ace Murray Williams has won more Australian Motocross Championships than any other rider, including the solos.  Williams won nine Australian sidecar motocross titles in the sixties and seventies, winning his first National title with Herb Castle in 1966 and his last with Wayne Kearvell in 1974.

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