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WA Motocross Clubs

WA Motocross Clubs

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History of WA motocross clubs

1952 Harley Scramble - Aub Bicker on his 1929 350cc Harley Davidson

In 1928, the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club hosted the first motocross (scramble) event at the Rope Works in Mosman Park, on the outskirts of Perth

1971 International Motocross Herne Hill - Race winner Jimmy Aird, Scotland

In the late 1960s the A.J.S. MCC was the first club in Western Australia to host international motocross

From Scrambling to Motocross - 1992 Motocross of Nations Manjimup

The Manjimup Motorcycle Club hosted the 1992 Motocross of Nations World Teams event at the Cosy Creek Circuit, in Manjimup

Motorcycle races have been run by local clubs across Australia for over 100 years. The Perth Motorcycle Club was the first motorcycle club to form in WA – in July 1904.

During and after World War One there was a rapid development of motorcycles.  By 1923, motorcycles on the road were common and several clubs started to emerge.

Originally, clubs were confined to one make of motorcycle, like the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club.  But later on the Coastal MCC broke the trend – representing motorcyclists in the Fremantle area.

Progressively, over the years, country clubs started to emerge and name their motorcycling clubs after the town (eg. Manjimup), or district (eg. Goldfields).

Recognising the need to better organise and coordinate motorcycling events in WA, the WA Motorcycling Association (now Motorcycling WA) was established on 31 July 1923.  

The inaugural clubs included: A.J.S; B.S.A; Coastal; Harley Davidson; Lightweight; Motorcycle Racing Club; Pathfinders; Rockingham-Kwinana; Trail and Enduro; Albany; Beverley; Bunbury; Collie; Geraldton; Goldfields; Manjimup; Narrogin; Northam; and Southern Cross.

The first motocross (scrambling event) held in WA was at the Harley Scramble at the Rope Works in Mosman Park in 1928.

This event became Australia’s first major large scale annual event and was held at this venue for more than 35 years (between 1928 to 1963), until development forced the event to move to other locations, including York in the sixties, then Newburn in the eighties.

In 1966/67 Australian international motocross rider Tim Gibbes introduced an International Motocross series across Australia and New Zealand, with the A.J.S. Motorcycle Club regularly hosting the first round at Herne Hill, on the outskirts of Perth.

The series was a big success, and in the second year the Manjimup Motorcycle Club hosted the second round, after Herne Hill.

The Manjimup MCC is now one of Australia’s most successful clubs hosting the annual Manjimup 15000 spectacular since 1980. Then in 1992 and 1993, the club hosted the World Motocross of Nations world teams event and World 125cc Grand Prix, respectively.

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Historic WA motocross club circuits and events


Circuits: Herne Hill, Wanneroo

Photo: Jim Aird (Scotland) in the opening round of the International Motocross at Herne Hill in 1971, hosted by the A.J.S. MCC. (Photo: Tony Forsyth)

1971 Jim Aird Scotland at Herne Hill 3 - Photos Tony Forsyth


Circuits: Noble Falls

Now merged with Harley Davidson MCC

Photo:  Jeff Leisk  accepts his trophy  for winning the 1984 Western Classic at the Noble Falls circuit, home of the B.S.A. Motorcycle Club

1984 Western Classic presentation Jeff Leisk


Now merged with B.S.A. MCC
Circuits: Rope Works, Newburn

Photo: The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club hosted the Harley Scramble between 1928 and 1964 at the Rope Works circuit in Mosman Park

Harley Scramble The Rope Works Mosman Park WA


Photo:  In 1992 the Manjimup Motorcycle Club hosted the 1992 World Motocross of Nations, the first time ever this event was held in Australia and outside of Europe.

From Scrambling to Motocross - 1992 Motocross of Nations Manjimup


Circuits: Carnicelli Park, Ritchie Kings Memorial Park

Photo:  In 1979  the Southern Cross Motorcycle Club made the King of the Cross an International motocross event, to celebrate Western Australia’s 150 year anniversary.  Here  WA local Graeme Smythe leads Jim Aird from Scotland

Graeme Smythe leads Jim Aird Scotland
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