Warren and Leisk create history in AMA 125cc Motocross round at Hollister

Warren and Leisk create history in AMA 125cc Motocross round at Hollister

Warren and Leisk create history at Hollister

1986 Jeff Leisk USA Honda - Training in the United States
1986 Eddie Warren - winner of Round 11 AMA 125cc Motocross round in Holister
1986 Jeff Leisk USA Honda - Portrait

Photos: In 1986  American Kawasaki rider Eddie Warren (Top right) and Australian Honda rider Jeff Leisk (Main picture and bottom right) finished 1-3 at the inaugural National AMA 125cc Motocross round at the Hollister Hills OHV Park circuit  in the United States.

Warren and Leisk create history at inaugural Hollister AMA National Motocross round

On 17 August 1986, both American Eddie Warren and Australian Jeff Leisk created history in Round 11 of the AMA 125cc National Motocross Championships at Hollister in the United States.

On this day, Warren became the first ever winner at Hollister in the 125cc class with David Bailey (Honda) winning the 500cc class and Leisk becoming the first Australian to podium in an AMA National Motocross round.

Racing in the 125cc class aboard a Honda, Leisk finished 3-4 in the two motos at the Hollister Hills OHV Park to finish third overall, behind “Fast Eddie” Warren (Kawasaki, 1-1) and Mick Dymond (Honda, 4-3). Leisk tied with Dymond on points, but Dymond was awarded second on a countback, being the highest placed in the second moto.

The 125cc class featured very exciting racing with Leisk getting a brilliant start in Moto 1 behind Kawasaki rider Rick Ryan, who won the holeshot. After two laps Eddie Warren had passed both Leisk and Ryan, with Warren going on to win the race ahead of Yamaha rider Keith Bowen, who was pushed all the way to the finish line by Leisk.

Warren won the holeshot and led from start to finish in Moto 2, but had Yamaha rider Brian Myersough and Dymond on his tail for the entire race. Leisk rounded out the top 5 at the start and eventually made his way up into fourth behind the dog fight ahead of him, ahead of Holland in fifth.

With two race wins, Eddie Warren secured his second career National motocross win, having secured three Supercross victories the year before.

Dymond’s second placing saw him open a handy lead in the Championship Standings on 399 pints, ahead of Holland (353) and George Kehoe (335). Warren moved up into 8th (209) and Leisk 10th (95) with Dymond taking out the 1986 AMA 125cc MX series.

Leisk finished ninth in the series, the highest ever placing by an Australian at the time, two placings behind Warren in seventh.   Leisk’s first year in the US was a big learning experience and the competition was extremely tough.  After being sidelined early with a broken jaw, which he sustained at the San Diego Supercross, this race was a turning point for the young Western Australian.

At the end of US season, the pair raced the Burswood Supercross event in Perth Western Australia, run by Leisk’s father Bob and co-promoter Kim Parsons. The American won the event, loved Australia and ended up staying forever and is now an Australian citizen living in New South Wales.

1986 AMA Motocross 125cc Results Hollister

AMA 125cc MX Championship Round, Hollister

1. Eddie Warren (Kawasaki) 1-1
2. Micky Dymond (Honda) 4-3
3. Jeff Leisk (Australia, Honda) 3-4
4. Brian Myesrdough (Yamaha) 9-2
5. George Holland (Honda) 6-5

AMA 125 MX Championship (after 11 rounds)

1. Micky Dymond (Honda) 399 points
2.George Holland (Honda) 353
3. Erik Kehoe (Suzuki) 335
4. Keith Bowen (Yamaha) 317
5. Guy Cooper (Honda) 236
10. Jeff Leisk (Australia, Honda) 95

Final AMA 125 MX Championship Standings

1. Micky Dymond (Honda) 437 points
2. Erik Kehoe (Suzuki) 385
3. George Holland (Honda) 382
4. Keith Bowen (Yamaha) 337
5. Guy Cooper (Honda) 258
7. Eddie Warren (Kawasaki) 245
9. Jeff Leisk (Australia, Honda) 232

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