World Motocross Grand Prix’s Broadford 2001

World Motocross Grand Prix’s Broadford 2001

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Broadford hosts Grand Prix for all classes in 2001

2001 world 500cc, 250cc and 125cc motocross grand prix, BROADFORD, VICTORIA (15 april)
Andrew McFarlane - Second in the 500cc World Grand Prix Broadford 2001
2001 World 250cc Grand Prix - Broadford - Chad Reed 41

Photos:  [Left] The late Andrew McFarlane (QLD, Yamaha) celebrates his second place at the 2001 Broadford 500cc Grand Prix, [Centre] emerging young superstar Chad Reed (NSW, Kawasaki) finished sixth in the 250cc class; and [right] Channel 10 – 500cc Grand Prix race highlights.

McFarlane gets the podium finish he deserved at 2001 Broadford GP

On 15 April 2001, the late Andrew McFarlane from Queensland finished second overall at the 2001 500cc Grand Prix at Broadford in Victoria.

After launching his international career the year before in the same event at the same venue where he led the first 20 minutes of the opening 500cc moto, eventually finishing fourth overall, this time McFarlane finished second to claim the podium finish he deserved the year before.

The race was a carbon copy of his Kawi holeshot in 2000. He diced with multiple World Champion Stefan Everts from Belgium for most of the moto. But this time he did it on the Rinaldi Yamaha factory YZ-F and he was a full-time professional racer contesting the World 500cc Championship in Europe.

Australia earned the rights to host the 2001 event after the successful staging of the event the year before.  However, as well as the 500cc World Championship class, local fans also got to see the world’s best 125cc and 250cc riders – as that year the FIM combined all classes at the one event.  Also, in 2001, the race format changed to one longer 30-minute plus 1 lap moto, instead of two motos.

Having signed with Team Kawasaki to compete in the World 250cc Championship in Europe, New South Wales rider Chad Reed represented Australia in this class at Broadford, and another Aussie, Brett Metcalfe from South Australia rode for KTM in the 125cc class.

500cc Motocross Grand Prix

When the gates dropped for the start of the 500cc Championship race, McFarlane again won the holeshot and this time he diced with multiple World Champion Stefan Everts from Belgium, who was leading the Championship after the Belgium and Dutch rounds.

The two riders battled it out for the round 3 victory for most of the moto with Everts winning ahead of McFarlane, with Swede Johnny Lindhe (Husqvarna) in third. 

Chad’s cousin Craig Anderson also showed his potential finishing ninth in the 500cc Grand Prix.

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125 and 250cc Motocross Grand Prix events

The 250cc Grand Prix was equally as exciting for the fans, with Chad Reed – Anderson’s cousin – finishing sixth overall.  Reigning World 250cc Champion Mickael Pichon (France, Suzuki) won the moto ahead of Claudio Federici (Italy, Yamaha) and Yves Demaria (France, Yamaha).

British rider James Dobb (Great Britain, KTM) won the 125cc Grand Prix ahead of Italian Yamaha riders Alessandro Belometti and Alessio Chiodi. 

Round 3 GP becomes an omen for three World Champions

Round 3 at Broadford tuned out to be an omen for all winners on the day, with Everts, Pichon and Dobb all going on to convincingly win the world championships that year in their respective classes.

Chad Reed continued to go from strength to strength and, in his first attempt, was the 2001 runner-up World 250cc Champion.

McFarlane also had a very successful first season on the European circuit, finishing eighth overall in the 500cc World Championship. Brett Metcalf also broke through at the final 125cc Grand Prix to finish in the points for the first time.

2001 Australian Motocross Grand Prix - 125, 250 and 500 - 1 Progam Cover

Broadford Grand Prix Results

500cc Moto

1. Stefan Everts (Belgium Yamaha)
2. Andrew McFarlane (Australia Yamaha)
3. Johnny Lindhe (Sweden, Husqvarna)
4. Marnique Bervoets (Belgium, Yamaha)
5. Joel Smets (Belgium, KTM)

9th Craig Anderson (Australia KTM)

250cc Moto

1. Mickael Pichon (France, Suzuki)
2. Claudio Federici (Italy, Yamaha)
3. Yves Demaria (France, Yamaha)
4. Gordon Crockard (Ireland, Honda)
5. Joshua Coppins (New Zealand, Suzuki)

6th Chad Reed (Australia Kawasaki)

125cc Moto

1. James Dobb (Great Britain, KTM)
2. Alessandro Belometti (Italy, Yamaha)
3. Alessio Chiodi, Italy, Yamaha)
4. Marco Dorsch (Germany, Honda)
5. Luigi Seguy, France, Yamaha)

Broadford Grand Prix Race videos

Egg49 – 500cc Broadford Grand Prix

Egg49 – 250cc Broadford Grand Prix (Part 1)

Egg49 – 250cc Broadford Grand Prix (Part 2)

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